Apr 25 / 2019
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SiGMA engages a new collaboration to support global expansion

SiGMA has announced Tugce Ergul and Angel Labs as an advisor to drive global opportunities in a world where physical distance becomes increasingly irrelevant

Eman Pulis, founder and CEO of SiGMA, has formed a new partnership with Tugce Ergul as global investor relations advisor for SiGMA, Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit and Medical Cannabiz World. As both iGaming and A.I./Blockchain sectors evolve in 2019, SiGMA plans to build new opportunities and expand business reach on a global scale.

This year is already shaping up to be a period of significant growth for the group, with both SiGMA and Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit hosting two shows each in both the Spring and fall, alongside a number of satellite events across the globe such as SiGMA Roadshow, the Affiliate Grand Slam (AGS) events in Asia and South America.

Tugce Ergul
Tugce Ergul

Commenting on the appointment, Eman Pulis stated: “Tugce has already contributed to the growth of the business in recent years, so we’re delighted to confirm our working partnership with this appointment. As the group grows to encompass global markets, Tugce’s network of contacts will be vital in taking us to the next stage of expansion.”

Tugce continues to be a consultant and speaker on economic development, angel and venture financing, and has worked closely with national entrepreneurship programs for various countries, as well as with a variety of agencies around the world.

“I’m excited to be working more closely with Eman and the teams for SiGMA, Malta A.I. & Blockchain Summit and the recent addition to the family, Cannabiz Summit World,” commented Ergul. “Leading the way in these three sectors, there’s a huge opportunity to capitalise on global initiatives and create interest in Silicon Valley.”

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