SiGMA invterviews Keith Hathaway from recently launched Geeky Gambler

SiGMA met Keith Hathaway from Geeky Gambler, a recently released affiliate website, to find out more about this new kid in town!

You have been involved in online gaming for more than 10 years on many different positions. Could you tell us a bit more about your story and why you decided to become an affiliate?

Geeky GamblerWell, some people who’ve been around long enough to remember will know that I’ve now gone full circle, I started off as an affiliate way back in 2005! This was back in the golden age for Poker, and I was a Poker affiliate for some time.

I then moved over to the operator side, as Country Manager, Affiliate Manager, Head of Affiliates and Head of Acquisition for several companies including some well-known names like Redbet, Boylesports and Tivoli as well as consulting for many more.

I’ve wanted to launch Geeky Gambler for some time; I first registered the URL, Twitter and Facebook pages for Geeky Gambler back in 2012, so you cannot say I have rushed things! But life is often all about timing and due to certain things falling into place and a great team being formed, it seemed right to push the button and go full steam ahead and here I am an affiliate again!

What is your definition of a geek and what does it mean to be a ‘geeky gambler’? Do you consider yourself a geek?

Geeky Gambler

Keith Hathaway (second from the left) with Matching Visions team

This was quite a discussion with the team as we created the brand; the cool logo you see now was about the 50th or more that we tried! Everyone has a different perception of a geek, but that is just visual. True “Geekness” is all about knowledge for me! Plus, I believe every one of us has at least a small amount of an inner geek in us!

How do the ‘geeky’ gamblers stand out from the rest of the gamblers? What’s special about them?

Hopefully in many ways, Geeky Gambler is a clean site and we have taken the unusual choice of promoting both Sports and Casino equally. The homepage has equal amounts of prominence for both. There are also daily tips, and some cool features coming soon. Very geek like and getting geekier every day! We are delighted with what we have so far but this is just touching the surface, with a whole lot more to come!


And how is your affiliate website different from the others? What is unique about it?

It’s very hard to be unique and I am not sure anyone can claim to be fully unique anymore, given the amount of affiliate sites out there now. But we certainly have a mix that makes us stand out from the crowd and mass of other affiliate sites popping up every day. We have a fresh design and some geek like detail, as well as being very interactive both on the site and within social media.

Geeky Gambler has been recently launched, but for sure you have a lot of plans for the future. Could you lift the veil of secrecy and tell us a bit about your next steps?

Well this really is just the start. We will have a new Casino listings page live very shortly, and we are very excited about the geeks tipping section that is on the way. Watch this space!

What are your tips for people who want to sit on the other side of the table and become affiliates like you did? Please share!

Geeky GamblerBelieve in yourself and work hard. There are so many affiliates and affiliate sites out there right now, but there are not so many great ones. The market is flooded in volume, but not quality, so there is always space to join the “dark side” if what you have is better than what is already there!

An ultimate geek question – Star Trek or Star Wars?

For me, neither! Confession time, I have never watched a single episode or movie from either franchise! The geekiest “sci fi” I ever got into was X-Files, back in my younger years. I was also disappointed at the new episodes this year!

It’s UEFA Euro time now – which team do you think is going to win the Cup? Let’s forget about the odds and focus on intuition!

Well I have a very good friend who is obsessed with Belgium and has been for some time, some great individuals but not a great team for me. England as always has the ability but flatter to deceive, unfortunately. Italy and Germany know how to win tournaments and rarely fail to deliver when it counts. So for me it’s from Italy, Germany and the hosts France. Quite boring here but if you are looking for some geek style value and a bigger price, the Czech Republic really impressed in their opener and have some great players.

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