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SiGMA names CasinoMarketWatch its preferred partner for dedicated M&A Action page

The collaboration agreement follows the announcement that CEO Gianfranco Scordato will take on the position of Board Advisor and Head of Business Relationships management for SiGMA

SiGMA Group, a leading media and events organisation for the gaming and tech industry, has entered into a collaborative agreement with CasinoMarketWatch, announcing them as their preferred partner for the recently launched dedicated M&A Action page.

CasinoMarketWatch is extending its collaboration with key Industry partners to expand its core competences and to support the optimal delivery of its first-class services. As such, it aims to elevate its range of services - and manage, as SiGMA’s preferred partner, the SiGMA Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) dedicated section, with a specific focus on land-based gaming.

Eman Pulis, SiGMA Group Founder said: “Our dedicated M&A Action page brings these opportunities to the forefront of the gaming marketplace. Whether you’re a start-up looking for seed investments, or an established company looking for an exit, we have the right people to make sure you get the best evaluation for your business. Through this latest collaboration agreement with CasinoMarketWatch, we aim to acquire a deep and effective knowledge of land-based casino operations, to expand our services further and to incorporate this segment of the industry into our M&A section”.

The agreement follows the news that CEO Gianfranco Scordato has also being appointed as Board Advisor and Head of Business Relationships Management (BRM) for SiGMA Group.

Gianfranco Scordato SiGMA GroupGianfranco Scordato, CEO for CasinoMarketWatch said: “We have seen lately a quite interesting movement in the M&A field. Chances are that this trend will be strengthened over the next few years ahead!

“CasinoMarketWatch provides guidance to distressed business owners who would like to explore the opportunity of selling their gaming companies to strategic buyers. We support them in scouting for “gold-matching” companies and structuring “M&A” deals, to gain a larger market share and reduce future competition.

“By combining business activities, overall performance efficiency tends to increase and “across-the-board” costs tend to drop, due to the leverages of the other company's strengths, making M&A’ strategy to become more and more attractive. We have now proudly been selected by SiGMA as their “PREFERRED PARTNER” for their M&A Section and this will surely amplify our network’s reach and accelerate the matching for suitable deals”.

About CasinoMarketWatch:

CasinoMarketWatch.com (brand owned by GS Management Ltd.) is a high profile "boutique firm"​ active within the Casino Gaming Industry and servicing a very few selective partners in the fields of: Products & Business Development | Expansion, Strategic Alliances & Growth | Business Evaluation (due diligence) | M&A | New Technology.

The SiGMA Roadshow

The SiGMA Roadshow is stepping up its game; now virtual, the webinar will take on a new jurisdiction every month, targeting a global agenda of gritty conference topics and a small, yet buzzing expo floor. Hosted on an interactive platform, the 2 hours mini conference will delve into 5 key areas of debate, bringing key themes specific to the region - such as regulation, tax and compliance, and emerging tech, to a table of thought leaders and academics at the top of their game. The SiGMA Virtual Roadshow will reflect SiGMA’s global events opening in 5 major regions over the next few years, specifically Europe, the CIS region, Asia, the Americas, and Africa. The monthly event, which launches with a worldwide tour of 14 countries, starts off with the recently legislated Ukraine, and will be published via podcast. 


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