Apr 16 / 2018
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SiGMA shows full support for Kilimanjaro Challenge

SiGMA to sponsor Kilimanjaro Challenge

SiGMA has proudly announced its full support of the Kilimanjaro Challenge. This challenge entails an intense few days climbing the highest free-standing mountain on the planet. Funds collected over 12 months in anticipation of the event will be invested in the aid of children in Ethiopia.

SiGMA iGaming SiGMA shows full support for Kilimanjaro ChallengePrevious expeditions have rounded up a total of more than €650,000, all invested in  numerous projects. These include: a school and convent in the Ethiopian village of Bulbula, a wing for a 3-in-1 project, a house hosting 100 physically disabled, deaf and blind children in Kenya, a clinic in Sakko, and Kindergarten Schools in Gambela, Dembidolo, and Jemu – all three in Ethiopia.

This certainly acts as a motivator while clambering up the largest free-standing mountain in the world, as the founder of the challenge, Keith Marshall, explained.

The Kilimanjaro Challenge has completed a sum of 11 projects through donations, the most recent being the inauguration of a Kindergarten in Ethiopia last January. The challenge maintains the highest success rate in the world, Marshall added.

“I love the cause of the Kilimanjaro Challenge and I love the people behind it”, the CEO of SiGMA, Eman Pulis, commented.

“I’ve known Keith Marshall for, I presume, around 20 years now. I understand that every penny raised in this charity goes to the right cause, there are no funds wasted on administration or anything related. As a result, it was a natural choice to choose this charitable institution to support”, Pulis continued.

Over the years, the teams have shown outstanding spirit and compassion, challenging themselves for a worthy cause. This is the kind of foundation that SiGMA believes should take the limelight, crediting the team’s physical effort as well as their underlying generosity behind such an incredible event.

The strenuous hike up the mountain will definitely be worth it. As David Schembri described its humble rewards: “this project is to give a home to these kids, where they are taken care of and get the attention that they need – including physiotherapy, wheelchairs, or whatever it takes.”

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