May 2 / 2014
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Silvio Schembri Appointed Chairman for Responsible Gaming Foundation

Member of Parliament, Hon. Silvio Schembri has been appointed chairman of the Responsible Gaming Foundation, an independent institution which was set up earlier in 2014 with the aim of preventing problems related to gambling through educational and other camaigns. Mr Schembri has a Master’s degree in economy and teaches part time at the University of Malta.

Parliamentary Secretary for Competitiveness and Economic Growth José Herrera thanked Mr Schembri for accepting this responsibility on a voluntary basis, highlighting the fact that this meant that more money could be invested directly in the foundation.

The Junior Minister also said that Mr Schembri’s experience in the field will certainly assist him in giving the Responsible Gaming Foundation a solid basis to build on.

LGA Chairman, Joseph Cuschieri said that the Authority believes in the validity of the foundaltion’s mission and noted that a percentage of the proceeds collected from licensees will be transferred to this institution to finance responsible gaming initiatives. He said he was sure that the new chairman will be giving it the direction it needs to succeed.

The launch of the Responsible Gaming Foundation is one of the new initiatives to consolidate the gaming industry in Malta from a wider perspective. In a flourishing gaming industry, which employs over 7,000 and makes up around 10% of GDP, the foundation will play an important balancing act as the LGA is in the process of introducing stricter regulations to regularise unregulated sectors such as social gaming.

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