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Skill, Luck and a Good Global Connection

In the old cigar-smelling poker rooms, the players with the cards in their hands had only three true friends: Skill, Luck and the best poker face they could muster. At the Black Jack corner, cards are flicked and numbers are added up quicker than you can say “surrender.” It’s the same story in casinos with slots, the roulette and even with sports betting; elements of luck and skill spice up the games, determine who gets the jackpot – and who goes home broke.

Fast forward a couple of decades and luck and skill are not the only players in the game anymore. Mobile has joined the party, and the impact is huge!

The digital revolution joined the scene when traditional casinos started seeing potential in going online. There was a new untapped market; players no longer needed to travel, but could experience the thrill of betting from the comfort of their own home. Connectivity became the be-all and end-all to the provision of this service. New gaming needs required better connectivity, enabling the experience to become as enjoyable as possible. In an incredibly short time span, all of this went mobile.

When mobile became widespread and people started to move and travel more, new demands started to weigh on gaming. When the average user picks the phone up 1,500 times in a week, there’s definitely something to be said about the relevancy of mobile optimization. One cannot separate the gaming industry from the realities of society: people turn to their smartphones as if it were second nature to them.

Growing trends show that, apart from an increase in online mobile gambling, players prefer in-play bets, which the advances in mobile technology now allow.* More excitement builds in the short interval between live event bets, and with mobile players converting faster and spending more time on mobile it also makes financial sense for gaming companies to offer them. We have also seen an unprecedented growth in social casinos, one of the fastest growing genres on social networks in the past few years. Although this has recently seen a decline when compared to previous sectors, it is only because the more serious players are gravitating towards all-in-one casino apps – and away from their PCs.**

Over €19 billion gross winnings will have been generated from mobile betting, gaming and lottery by the end of 2018, just under 44% of total interactive gaming gross wins***. 44% – that’s almost half! More and more players are hitting the felts on their mobile device, with numbers surpassing online or desktop poker players. A quick search on Google will give you endless lists of recommended Mobile Casino Apps to download, and they will all tell you the same thing: with more people opting for a smart device, mobile casino apps will not be going anywhere. On the contrary, more and more casino providers will want a piece of the proverbial pie, engaging their mobile customers from their devices too.

And if that’s not enough to jolt traditionalists, the next thing will: the mobile gambling industry is expected to be worth $100bn by 2018 and 164 million users will access their mobile to place bets or visit a mobile casino.****

The “Survival of the Fittest” gene has clearly kicked in and casinos around the world have scrambled to adapt, optimizing their games and slots to the player who is not only digital but now also mobile and travelling frequently.

Trouble in Paradise

One infamous word: Roaming. For many travellers, of which a percentage are players, the very mention of the word is synonymous to dread at receiving high mobile bills. In fact, many opt to switch off data roaming when they travel, preferring not to rely on the vague rates offered by their operators. This alters not only their mobile use but in turn also their gaming and betting patterns. A hunt for free WiFi normally ensues. While there are different options the traveller can go for, it’s very difficult to find a solution which packs it all in one convenient connection.

Difficult, but not impossible. This is where we come in.

Forbesfone – Redefining Roaming

The Forbesfone Global Connection, which takes the form of a simple SIM card, takes the frequent traveller the extra mile. We offer global connectivity without the hassle of expensive mobile contracts or complicated charging. Travellers usually end up connecting to any Wi-Fi hotspot they can find, with no care whatsoever for the security of their personal data. Many networks are open, unsecured networks, which offer nearly no degree of safety in terms of personal data, apart from the slow, irritating connection shared with everyone else in the café or hotel lobby. We aim to make looking for WiFi hotspots at whatever the cost, obsolete.

Designed to Eliminate Credit Wastage

“Roam like a local” never sounded truer: our low worldwide roaming rates help the user save costs he could easily spend on other travel expenses, while the prepaid plans ensure you only spend money on the services you use. On top of that, we really are everywhere: we offer coverage in every continent and in over 200 destinations. Some build walls. We break them down.

Forbesfone Global Sim + Online Gaming Providers = $$$

What are the odds that, having a secure, reliable and cost-efficient roaming solution in place, the mobile player is online for longer? With a Forbesfone SIM connecting the players with the best networks around the world – sans high bills risk – they will be more comfortable spending longer stretches of time on their favourite slot. Simple math, really.

As part of a retention program, many igaming providers are giving their customers free roaming on a bid to incentivise players to play on their phones even when abroad. Forbesfone offers value-added business packs for companies which want to tap in on their customer’s mobile habits. In other words, we can help you achieve your end result: encourage users to stay online, for longer.

How Do We Do It?

We’re not in the business of over-complicating matters for your customers. We want the Forbesfone global connection to fit in seamlessly with your gaming platform, so users are not put off by the extra bits they have to go through to start playing. We’re committed to providing a simple and straight-forward service both your company and customers will enjoy. Think of our connection as being another feature your platform offers. Ingrained, not apart – without the extra fluff.

Bottom Line?

It’s all good news: for one thing, your own bottom line will look much better. Think: higher retention, higher digits and an increase in customer satisfaction. We can help you improve your customer’s mobile experience, so they are happier pulling the levers on your virtual slot machines and you make more profit. Win-Win.

Flexibility is Key

We are very flexible with the packages we offer. We understand that every gaming provider has different needs and targets and as such requires a tailored deal. We want you to be able to scale up easily and to adapt to the changing marketing needs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Forbesfone has therefore catered for these prerequisites, offering easily accessible plans, a transparent pricing scheme and simple integration with your existing platform. Ultimately, we simply want to help you retain your customers in the best way we know.

All in

Forbesfone is proud to be an official SiGMA partner this year. This annual expo is the perfect beehive for gaming providers, casinos, developers, regulators and affiliates to get together, share ideas and network. Forbesfone will be there to lay every card on the table and to answer any questions regarding our services. Talk to us! We’ll be expecting you.

* Source: Optimove

** Source: VentureBeat.com

*** Source: H2 Gambling Capital

**** Source: Global Online Gambling & Betting Market

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