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SMSwarriors: Powerful SMS Marketing Software for iGaming

SMSwarriors software empowers you to boost your conversions

The size of the online casino/gaming industry has almost doubled since 2009. It is forecasted to reach 59.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2018. With this current boom in the industry, market players have a never-ending challenge to stay ahead of their competitors. So the need to boost customer engagement is at peaks with the CRM departments.

No wonder top iGaming companies are turning to SMS. They are frequently using the power of SMS to support their player retention strategy, get back dormant players, grow active users and increase deposit amounts.

With a global reach of 200 countries and 800+ operators, SMSwarriors will simplify your gamification journey by providing SMS alerts of new product launches, new game stages, promotional giveaways and much more. We offer a quick and easy to use SMS Marketing web-platform as well as an API, which allows you to automate SMS campaigns through your existing systems/CRM. We also offer a full service white-labeled re-seller program.

The most effective SMS marketing platform


Getting your message out and improving conversions isn’t always easy! It’s easy to get lost with so many marketing channels such as, for example, email, facebook, twitter etc., that drain your marketing budget quickly. SMSwarriors’s dynamic software will deliver your message into the hands of the right audience within no time. An estimated 62.9% of the population worldwide already owns a mobile phone and can access the messages you send very easily. In fact, 91% of adults keep their mobile within arm’s reach. Its instant deliverability and personal nature makes it a more productive & efficient way to engage with your prospects & customers. You don’t need to keep figuring out fancy email subjects or facebook magic pixels. On an average SMS, open rate is 97%, which is three times more than the average email open rate of 27.2%.



SMSWarriors at SiGMA 17


However, if you feel too attached to email marketing, you can boost your email marketing efforts by using it along with SMS marketing. Just send a text message a few hours before your scheduled email and boost your email open rate to a great extent.
Start using our software to increase your consumer reach to build & grow engagement with your clients ultimately increasing your sales revenue.

Using our platform is all about making your daily life easier. SMSwarriors keeps this as its top priority. Our web platform is a simple and yet powerful tool to launch SMS campaigns. It can be mastered easily because of its intuitive interface. Take advantage of our API and use SMSwarriors even with your existing software systems without having to learn anything new. Look no further, we are the most effective SMS marketing platform out there.




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