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Social Media: New Horizons for iGaming?

Many industries has fallen under the banner of the brisk call “let’s get social”. The iGaming industry itself didn’t resist, invested in the market and raised the pole even higher. Since then, brands that crushed entry barriers and invaded fields of social media have been operating with high revenues and located their investments into Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, apart from SEO engines like Google. These iGaming pioneers of social media market have traced new routes for marketing and explored new SEO opportunities, letting themselves to escape from SEO giants’ ghettos and niches, or even expanding their strategies to much wider scale.

Affiliates jumping into deep water of social media should keep their focus on content. Sincerely, it is what makes investments in this habitat glitter. Content talks. That’s why it should be daily updated to sustain the profile or fanpage alive and attractive to users. Videos and pictures are the best measure to achieve good results. Visual media attached to texts do the trick in viral environment of social media, nonetheless, iGaming affiliates should go beyond the boundaries and implement creative thinking into action.

Let’s talk about the effective strategy in here. At first it’s not about stuffing and choking all channels of information to promote. Affiliates need to be careful as not to join loathed community of spammers. Receivers should be meticulously selected. Huge part of users ultimately avoids  “spammy” content regarding games and promotions, labelling them as rubbish. Usually, fear for privacy is behind it. Nobody wants to be perceived as a gambler. Then, the media presence has to be put under scrutiny regarding competitors and marketing opportunities. Aiming for reciprocity within social media network is a good choice, as it has strong influence on SEO, and this is the primary goal. Division of tasks engages active posting with setting adequate limits of commentaries and “likings” throughout each week. Monitoring the process along the way is essential, and after one month reviewing the results is a necessity. In case of slow or no improvement, changing tactics and setting different limits may be needed.

Once again the content is the spine of all efforts. Innovation and controversy are the main players in here. By generating innovative content the possibility of getting higher SEO is more than likely, but controversy and stirring content wins the jackpot. The only constraints for affiliates are their own frames of ingenuity and creativity.  The concept of iGaming possesses foundations fertile for building interaction within social media content, what engages users on deeper level of communication. It also enables to develop links between the iGaming industry and other sectors like entertainment.

Why to bother with social media anyway? Scrupulously planned strategies affect SEO of affiliates’ websites by directing users through given channels and serving as a useful marketing tool for analysis by staying in contact with users at the same time. Investments in social media are likely to reimburse, hugely increase SEO rankings and develop networking opportunities for players.

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