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SoftSwiss Sportsbook introduces Free bets

The SoftSwiss Sportsbook enlarges its range of betting bonuses with the introduction of three new types of free bets

The bonus bet features are being added just in time for the start of major football events such as the 2020 UEFA European Football Championship and Copa América this June, happening simultaneously for the first time in years.

The newly-added features will consist of three different options:

1) No-Risk free bet — a bet that doesn’t pose any risk to the player. The player places a bet, and in case of a loss, the player is fully refunded.

2) AllWin free bet — the player receives a first-time bonus which he may use to place a bet. If it’s a winning bet, the player receives the full amount won. Then the player gets his winning amount in full in withdrawable cash, not in site credit.

3) OnlyWin free bet — the player receives a first-time bonus from the sports betting website and if the player places a winning bet, they are credited their winnings as a fully withdrawable wager free cash (excluding the bet value).

The new features will further diversify the sports betting experience for all players, as well as enhance the convenience and usability of the platform. As for B2B clients, the new free bets options by SoftSwiss Sportsbook will help to expand their market presence by increasing the number of new players. Free bet options available on SoftSwiss Sportsbook will help to further encourage the audience to sign up for the sports betting brands running on the platform, as well as increase player loyalty in the long run.

Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner of SoftSwiss Sportsbook, noted: “All of us here at SoftSwiss Sportsbook team are very excited as the time of the major sporting events has officially started! We cannot wait for all of our old and new players and clients to check out all our new features in action — including this latest addition of three types of free bets! Our clients are of utmost importance to us, so we consistently work to innovate and provide the most reliable and user-friendly solution on the market”.

Additionally, ahead of the summer full of large-scale tournaments like the EURO 2020, the SoftSwiss Sportsbook has released a limited-time offer for all new B2B clients wishing to sign up and become new partners. The boosted discount of up to 50% is still available until the end of June 10th.

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