Feb 22 / 2014
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Software Development v.s. iGaming Companies

It is important to understand the requirements and specifications of the two different types of companies are the same. Although some requirements are the same, they are two separate industries with different requirements and they face different regulations. The software development companies consider the gaming companies as their main competitors. In regards to obtaining the best human resources, the gaming companies do not consider that they should be in competition with them. Also the gaming industry is considered a “grey” industry, and even where it is regulated there are some who put negative connotations on the industry.

Foreign software development companies have set up operational offices in Malta, where their output is intended for foreign markets, mainly the British market. Thus they have sales offices in the United Kingdom and other countries which they serve and do a portion of the work here. They tend to have operations in other countries as well. Although they do serve the local market, this tends to be a small portion of their customer base, mainly because the Maltese market is a small one.

The I-gaming industry is a relatively new industry in Malta, which has only been present in the last sixteen years, with a spurt in growth, in the last six. There are a number of negative connotations with the industry, which are mainly due to the problems that addictions to gambling can give rise to and the historic elements of money laundering in relation to the Old West Casinos. In reality the accusations of money laundering are unfounded, as there have been no cases of association of money laundering and modern gaming companies. But the fact remains that there are ethical issues and criticisms against such igaming companies. While these issues are not particular to Malta, the industry is still considered to date a particularly secretive one.

Source: M. Azzopardi: A Study of Locality Choices by ICT and I-Gaming Companies in Malta, 2012.

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