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Spotlight on Chalkline Sports Startup

SiGMA interviews the team behind Chalkline Sports

Chalkline Sports is one of the companies taking part in SiGMA Startup Pitch this year. Its primary focus is sports betting. Chalkline Sports works with gaming properties to use highly intelligent and personalised mobile content to bridge affiliate and loyalty programs, amortising customer acquisition costs across an ever-increasing customer lifetime value.

What is your company’s unique differentiating idea?

Over 25% of Net Revenues for listed gaming operators are spent on Marketing, which is terribly inefficient. In addition, data and stats are ubiquitous on desktop versions of betting operators, while mobile data and stats simply are none-existent.

Chalkline Sports partners with gaming companies to deliver branded, intelligent, mobile-first content designed to drive bets and revenues to their books. We use data from 3rd party Data providers (Stats, Gracenote, Sportradar) and create snack-size mobile data visualisations that combine the betting market, relevant content, and a Call To Action (Bet now on one side or another). We then ensure marketing automation tools deliver the right message to the right person at the right time in the bet lifecycle to stimulate betting.

All of this is done with a little or no requirement from the operator. At our most basic integration, we simply need an Odds feed and URLs for bet markets. We deep link our Call to Action buttons with the Operator’s specific bet market to ensure a seamless customer journey. We focus on ensuring integrations are really simple for our partners.


Chalkline Sports Team

The team behind Chalkline Sports


What differentiates you from your competitors? Specifically, what do you provide that is currently not available in the market or how do you differ from your competitors?

  • We automate unique branded data visualised content for our operators with their odds and markets.
  • We ensure we use structured data as per Google to ensure SEO friendly content is automated.
  • We ensure customers for gaming operators have a similar data-rich mobile experience as they can have on desktop.
  • We link our content to a specific market and can pre-populate bet cards to ensure seamless interaction between our platform and the book.
  • Our integration is truly simple with our team doing all the heavy lifting after getting an odds feed.

What milestones or tangible traction have you achieved to date?

Business Development success is accelerating. We launched our product in Jan 2017 and have signed our fifth client.

Please explain your objectives for participating in SIGMA Pitch Event.

To win. To create awareness for the way we think differently about Sports Betting and Content Marketing. Sports betting is on the precipice of legalisation here in the US and marketing automation needs. We propose a strategy and technological method to operators for customer acquisition and retention that has been validated in other e-Commerce industries (telling great stories with data & content) and applying it to

1) An iGaming Industry that has been lulled into submission by Affiliates selling leads rather than simply going and getting customers at half the cost.
2) A land based Gaming Industry in the US that needs to awaken to the value of sports betting as a force multiplier to entertain customers.

We are thinking differently about the Casino Floors as we know that a fully Integrated Sports Betting offering in Casino operations is a force multiplier.

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