Jul 24 / 2018
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StarCasinó pens agreement with ConversionBet

Partnership will aim to enhance customer experience

StarCasinó.it has signed a deal with behavioural acquisition experts, ConversionBet. The partnership will ‘enhance an already above standard customer experience’ while improving the Betsson Group brand’s personalisation capabilities.

The ConversionBet technology will allow StarCasinó to utilise its proprietary real-time technology to engage with their passive traffic with highly personalised messages over multiple channels, at the right time.

ConversionBet has already provided customisation and behavioural-driven products to a number of operators in the gaming industry, and has proven incredibly beneficial to other operators in the market.

“We are thrilled to be in a partnership with such a distinguished name in the gaming industry to deliver our suite of immersive player acquisition tools at scale. This tactical move from Betsson Group underpins that operators can no longer rely on huge media budgets to keep up with demanding competition, whilst remaining in profit.

sigma igaming StarCasinó pens agreement with ConversionBet
The partnership will ‘enhance an already above standard customer experience’.

Equally, it demonstrates a shared mission towards the creation of the ideal customer experience in order to increase customer satisfaction and, in turn, conversion rate. It’s rewarding to see such an established name continually strive to improve upon this for their customers” said Dan Morrison, Founder & CEO of ConversionBet.

Andrea Rossi, Managing Director – Southern Europe & Latin America, added: “StarCasinó has always strived to stay ahead of the curve regarding technology and competition in Italy, enabling us to continually set new milestones & allows us deliver our products in the market to the highest possible standard, whilst remaining personable and customer-centric.

“The ConversionBet platform will allow us to communicate with our visitors prior to entering our CRM, making for a smooth and highly personalised acquisition journey that will not only impact conversion figures, but also lifetime value stats.

“It’s vital that we invest in emerging technology roadmap to ensure flexible and agile innovation that will allow us to move faster than our competition. ConversionBet provides this for us.”

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