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Sweden’s bonus restrictions to bring customer engagement into the spotlight


Enteractive CEO Mikael Hansson highlights how a different approach will be required to retain and re-engage with players in the newly re-regulated marketplace

As Sweden prepares to launch its re-regulated market at the beginning of 2019, the decision to limit bonuses to just one welcome offer per player has thrown into question how operators will be able to keep players engaged with their services.

Bonus offers are an important business model for most operating within the iGaming industry, and the restrictions Sweden has put in place will certainly have caused a headache.

There’s a strong argument to suggest that the industry is too reliant on the use of bonuses in today’s market. It’s also worth debating as to whether these offers still hold as much significance in a mature industry.

Such promotional tools have driven a culture where players hop between sites to find the best offer, and although this may prove to be a short-term solution in driving customer deposits, it does nothing to improve lifetime value.

In addition, when you consider how GDPR has also added greater scrutiny into how companies approach their customer base, it means operators will have to tread carefully when promoting their offering.

So, how exactly can operators engage with their customers going forward in this newly-regulated market without any sort of promotional offer to lean on?

There are a number of routes to consider when overcoming these hurdles. However, the safest and most effective approach to player engagement will be through personal communication, such as one-to-one phone calls.

Driving loyalty and trust

At Enteractive, we know through first-hand experience that interacting directly with your players can help to connect, interact and develop stronger relationships between operators and their players.

A simple phone call can build a bond much quicker than a generic email bonus offer, as there’s so much you can learn from an individual by speaking to them on a one-to-one basis.

For instance, you can find out which type of content they’re most interested in, as well as understanding the reasons as to why they’ve become inactive.

Applying this personalised method, with a fully-fledged, AI-driven platform can increase player retention, loyalty and security. Our (Re)activation Cloud, is the iGaming industry’s first automated yet personalised service, that allows operators to connect to a proprietary platform whilst maintaining 100% real-time control.

With real-time dashboards, CRM managers are given the ability to control and monitor player survey results, as well as responsible gambling measures, while also scheduling and easily configuring bonus campaigns.

Furthermore, it’s a vital tool in identifying and reporting problem gamblers. From age restrictions to those most vulnerable, operators are able to take note of the individual’s details to ensure they aren’t contacted again.

For operators, differentiating themselves in a crowded marketplace is already a challenge. Sweden’s move to limit bonus offers makes that task even greater, with no incentives to grab the attention of new and existing users.

However, regular interaction through personal phone calls can help operators stand out from the crowd by providing excellent customer service with a personal touch.

Going above and beyond the standard procedures in place can make a real difference and improve a customer’s opinion of a brand.

At Enteractive, we have found that quality relationships create up to 10 times longer connections and improve loyalty among players through our customer support service.

It will be fascinating to see how the Swedish market evolves with the lack of bonus offers available to operators to push.

Now is the time to reconsider your approach to player engagement, and drive loyalty by communicating directly with your players.

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