Swedish Cultural Affairs committee gives approval to regulation changes

Committee approval next step in passing bill on gambling regulation

Following the publication of a draft bill to update gambling regulations in Sweden, the Cultural Affairs committee has announced its support of the changes proposed by the government.

While the changes will not come into force before January 1, 2019, the licensing process will start on August 1st later this year. A final vote on the bill will take place this week, and the approval from the Committee seems like a good step to introduce new regulations.

In a recent opinion piece, Mattias Kelmeling, from Wiklund Law gave his opinion on the re-regulation of the Swedish gambling market, outlining what we can expect should the bill be approved.

 “This proposed reform is long-awaited. The proposal means that today’s outdated monopoly will be replaced by a modern legislation that will include the whole of the expanding gambling market,” said the committee in the opinion published on Friday.

“The aim is to create a gambling market with high consumer protection, high safety in the games and clear conditions for operating on the market through a licensing system where we open up the Swedish market for serious operators who want to take part and be responsible. Therefore, we close the system for actors that are not serious”

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