Sweet dreamz are made of this

The Swedish re-regulation of its gambling market has created quite some buzz among operators and affiliates. A country that has always been in somewhat of a pole position when adopting and assimilating digital infrastructure. So how can a new brand, such as Dreamz differentiate from the competition?

In this new landscape a lot of changes have already happened  during the first quarter. From an operator point of view, it is now more challenging than ever to succeed. One must be agile and quick to pick up on all current changes that have and will occurred in the casino world.

sigma igaming Sweet dreams are made of this Dreamz could very well become one the best casinos launched 2018/2019.

How innovation is a long-term winner

Newly opened Dreamz was not only one of the first new casinos  to get a Swedish license, but also one that showed that with their new technical solution they will be able to help customers discover new games and jackpots.

Until today, the casino world has consisted of an endless stream of bonuses and offers. Dreamz has the innovation, technology and the desire to challenge the entire industry with its vision of how a casino will work.

It is not uncommon for a Swedish player to stick to 4-5 games and rarely get stuck for something new, and here Mikeal Torstensson who is the CMO believes there is a huge untapped potential.

“Many competitors have not put any energy into presenting or categorising their content for the customers, and many are therefore locked in a supply corner and risk getting tired. With over 1300 slots and casino games from 40 suppliers, there is a depth in our product range that we wanted to highlight and make available to our customers

Therefore, we have developed a proprietary recommendation engine and categorisation of the entire product portfolio that will make it easy for a customer to find new, more fun titles, jackpots and game features that are to their taste”

The DNA behind Dreamz

The casino was launched on the iGaming Cloud platform and expectations are not only high among player, but also among their industry peers.

It is already now considered to be one of the most ambitious casino releases launched in his past year. The complexity behind it, together with the easy understandable user interface for the customer is remarkable. Dreamz could very well become one the best casinos launched 2018/2019.

How sweet the dreamz will be remains to be seen, however the small, yet knowledgeable team behind it have a proven record of success and will most likely be a game changer during 2019.

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