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Sylwia Pacura: life is a canvas


Polish artist Sylwia Pacura recently provided several artworks for the charity auction as part of the Malta Gaming Awards at SiGMA’18.  We caught up with her to talk about art, igaming, and being a mother.

Your paintings were a huge success at the Malta Gaming Awards, raising thousands for charity.  Can you tell us more about how you reached this stage in your artistic career?

Sylwia Pacura

Actually I see it more as a beginning than a stage.  Everything happened as the result of a lucky coincidence, meeting Eman Pulis (founder of SiGMA and Malta AI and Blockchain Summit) a few months ago.  I told him about my paintings and when he saw some of my work he thought it would be perfect for the SiGMA Charity Dinner.

In terms of qualifications, I don’t believe you need diplomas to be able to prove talent and express yourself as an artist. Sometimes artists may try to copy their master's style and unconsciously they may lose uniqueness, originality and creativeness.  Of course knowledge and education is always important and I try to motivate people never to give up on personal development. Just this year I have completed a number of courses including an Interior Design course at MDS school and a few at Malta’s iGaming Academy.  In the past my main passion was photography but painting was always my first love. I've worked a lot as a photographer but never really had my own business. Once I became a mother I concentrated on motherhood... I felt a little lost because I was happy being a mom but I needed some kind of personal enlightenment and progress.  So about three years ago I started to paint once again, like when I was a teenager. Painting brings me joy and peace. It also gives me real sense of freedom and I believe freedom is at the centre of happiness.

How did you feel to feature at the MGA and for your pieces to be so well received?

Eman is an extraordinary person - a great businessman with a great heart.  He gave me the opportunity to present my work at the SiGMA Charity Dinner which made me feel so proud and special.  I was very happy not only because people could see my paintings but most of all that I could be of use for the charity.  When I saw the poor children on the big screen, that was the moment I realised how meaningful my role was. It is very important and touching at the same time, that in the tough world of business, people manage to find the time and support for those who are less lucky in this world.

Eman and SiGMA are showing a great amount of humanity and respect to others. Thanks to the wonderful guests and their goodwill and kindness the target has been reached.

How do you find being a woman trying to break into the industry?

The business world is still dominated by men and probably will be forever.  We have to admit that men possesses particular skills which make them successful in most professions and business sectors but it doesn't mean that women have no value.  Actually women can be more ambitious and diligent at their work. The problem appears when a woman has to chose between having children or having a career. Most of the time women by their nature dedicate themselves to the family which is very beautiful and important.   Being a woman is a strength and an asset. Success has no sex, no age, no race. If you believe in yourself and the values you represent and most of all if you love what you do, success will find its way to you.

The iGaming industry is very exciting and presents many opportunities to grow and to build your future.  I have watched for years many of my friends working in iGaming and I've seen them happy and satisfied getting promotions, being able to travel around the world and meet amazing people. In iGaming there is no room for discrimination - man or woman, single or a mother and no matter where you come from, you can find the right job for you.

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