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Taking responsibility 

Responsible gambling should be the number one priority for licensed operators around the world

Gemma Jones, Business Development Manager from SMP eGaming, talks about why the company has taken the decision to unlock its responsible gambling courses during Responsible Gambling Week. 

sigma igaming Taking responsibility Responsible gambling should be the number one priority for licensed operators around the world as regulators continue to require more in terms of how they protect players. The importance of this is highlighted by events such as Responsible Gambling Week, which this year runs from 7th – 13th November and aims to promote safer gambling across the UK. 

But responsible gambling remains a challenge for online gambling organisations, most of which continue to work towards creating a positive responsible gambling culture within the business. 

With the right culture in place, and responsible gambling embraced by all members of the team, there are tremendous benefits for customers and players. But creating the right culture and ensuring that all members of staff are sufficiently trained in responsible gambling can be a tough task and organisations often require third-party support. 

This is why SMP Compliance Academy, a product of SMP eGaming, is unlocking its responsible gambling courses for operators and suppliers around the world during Responsible Gambling Week. 

What’s included in the courses

The courses cover key jurisdictions such as the UK, Isle of Man, Malta, and Sweden and provide online gambling organisations with training for their entire workforce. 

Topics covered include: 

  • The importance of social responsibility 
  • Effects and consequences of problem gambling
  • Overview of the gambling legislation for each jurisdiction
  • Protection and prevention measures
  • Gambling management tools 

The courses will also help organisations learn fundamental skills such as how to recognise potential problem gambling in players early and protecting vulnerable players so that they can then intervene and minimise the harm caused by gambling. 

Users will also receive guidance on how to assist problem gamblers once they have been identified such as connecting them with a gambling addiction charity and offering self-exclusion measures. 

Understanding the differences by jurisdiction

In addition, the courses will help organisations gain a clear picture of what each jurisdiction expects from them in terms of responsible gambling and how to make their social responsibility frameworks more robust. This includes aspects such as understanding different gambler profiles, having policies for responsible gambling, and how to ensure all members of staff adhere to them. 

This is particularly useful for operators and suppliers that are active in more than one regulated market around the world, with each having different requirements. 

While the goal is always the same – to properly protect players – the way in which organisations are expected to do this differs and can cause confusion leading to incidents of non-compliance. 

This is something we have seen in Sweden where established operators who are familiar with tightly regulated markets continue to incur compliance violations. 

In most cases, this is simply due to a lack of understanding as to what is expected in Sweden and how that differs to requirements in other regulated markets such as the UK. 

Through the SMP Compliance Academy courses, users can use this an opportunity to learn what is expected in each jurisdiction as well as any similarities that might exist between them. The aim is to go some way in improving users’ understanding of each jurisdiction and help to avoid similar instances in the future. 

Designed to engage

The courses have been written by established gambling experts from within the SMP eGaming team and are also CPD-accredited. 

Each course has been designed so that they cover each topic in detail and provide all the information and support that users require while being easy to access and digest. 

This is particularly important when it comes to ensuring that all members of staff understand compliance and what it means for them, from the executive level through to customer support agents. 

Ted Pepper, Managing Director of SMP eGaming, said: “By unlocking our responsible gambling courses, we believe we are playing our part in helping the industry to become better at protecting players, an area that still requires improvement. We are fully committed to helping the industry improve standards and we have unlocked our courses to make sure that these vital learnings are accessible to all. 

‘If you are an operator or a supplier, we encourage you to make use of these courses during Responsible Gambling Week and to help strengthen the RG culture within your organisation.” 

Registration for the courses is now open and they will be unlocked on 7th November. If you would like to get involved, you can do so by clicking this link

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