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The Betting Gods Have Spoken – Interview with Darren Moore

When the gods speak, the punters listen. We caught up with Betting Gods founder Darren Moore to find out how he connects professional tipsters with thousands of punters.

Tell us a bit about yourself, Darren. From a police officer to a savvy entrepreneur who’s loving every bit of the journey. How did it all begin? How did you get into betting advice?

Betting was something done as a hobby on the weekends, some of the guys on my shift would have sweepstakes during our breaks. Little did they know I’d started researching the races the night before and over time became pretty good at picking out the winners and cleaning up on the sweepstakes!

From there I spent spare time betting for an extra income (yes that really is possible with the right attitude and strategy) and before I knew it I was making a very respectable income as a professional gambler.

Fast forward a year or two and I became good friends with a guy who pretty much did the same as me but on the football. We began sharing tips with each other, and then had the idea to setup a small site offering our tips for a fee. Eventually we parted ways and I began work on a site with another business partner which lasted for two years but we both had very different view on business operation. I began working on the launch/development of Betting Gods in November 2013, and officially launched BettingGods.com in March 2014.

Darren Moore, Betting Gods

Which was the most challenging part of the business so far? IT? recruitment? Setting up? Marketing and affiliation? How has relocating to Malta benefited you?

One of the most challenging parts of building and growing Betting Gods has definitely been marketing the brand and getting potential customers to trust the brand. The sports betting /tipster industry is saturated with scams and con-artists, many of whom are ultimately on the side of the bookie and not really cared about whether the customer succeeds or not.

Sadly with a major lack of regulation for providing sports betting advice, anyone can throw up a website, claim they’re making €2,000 profit a month from betting on football and then charge €50 for their magical system (if the MGA or UK Gambling Commission are reading this, it’s time for action!)

We have invested a significant of time and effort in proving we are completely honest and open. It’s why we encourage every and any review site to test our tipsters. It’s why we ask customers to share their thoughts on forums and blogs. It’s why we spend a lot of time ensuring our results are as up-to-date as possible, and push ourself forward for as much publicity as possible; we do not shy away from press – we have nothing to hide, and we want to educate people that betting doesn’t have to be a mug’s game!

Moving to Malta has been great for personal and professional reasons; I fell in love with the Maltese Islands on a personal level three years ago when visiting purely for a holiday. 4 trips later over the space of 8 months and I began to develop an awareness of the significant iGaming presence here. I spent 3 months living in Malta during the summer of 2015 before heading back to the UK to develop and strengthen the business ahead of what I had anticipated would be a move to Malta late 2017 or early 2018 but much to my surprise Brexit happened and this rocketed our business by what is now just over 20% growth and accelerated our expansion plans, meaning we could commence operations from Malta as early as December 2016.

So thanks to Malta’s beautiful climate and fantastic economy, I can work on my business with the sun shining down on me, plus I get to enjoy my passion for the sea and boating, plus my passion for flying (not many people know this but I’m a qualified pilot, and to escape the working life I tend to be buzzing around at around 2000 ft enjoying the view from the sky).

Tell us a bit how the business works – What are Tipsters? How do you select your Tipsters? How long have your Tipsters been around? Have you ever had to fire any under performing Tipster?

Generally speaking, a tipster can be looked on as an advisor. Much the way an investment advisor may recommended you buy shares in (for example) Catena Media or Paddy Power Betfair, our tipsters essentially do the same but advise you on investing your betting bank, with the goal of making a decent return over the weeks and months that follow.

Having passed our internal 16 week verification process prior to ‘going live’ tipsters will typically focus on a particular sport and provide betting tips for that sport. Most tipsters will backup their advice with analysis of and reasoning for their selections.

Betting Gods only provides the best of the best so as painful as it is topart company with team members, we have finished a few tipsters
during the three years of operation whose standards have slipped.

It may also be worth pointing out that for every 10 tipsters who apply to be a part of the Betting Gods team, only around 5-10% will be considered of a sufficient, professional standard to join our team and operate under the Betting Gods brand.

What is the method Tipsters use to find valuable bets? Are you guys watching and analysing the matches or do you base on statistics and data? Is it pure gut feeling? Or is data crunching an integral part?

These is no one answer to this question. We have tipsters who spend hours and hours analysing races and matches using form data and past statistics. We also have other tipsters who base their work on trends, or some operating on good old-fashioned industry know-how and experience.

Darren MooreDarren Moore, Betting Gods

What factor is most important in becoming a professional tipster? What would be your best ‘do’s and don’ts” advice to rookie bettors?

Focus, discipline and determination. If you want to become professional tipster, there is no point dancing between horse racing, football and snooker betting. Become a master of one sport and perfect that sport.

Don’t chase loses. This isn’t just applicable to tipsters but any one who places a bet. Set out a strategy and stick to it. It’s tempting to increase stakes or the number of bets you place to cancel out a long losing run but don’t! If you have faith in your selection process then things will turn around without the need for quick wins. This is also why it’s important to have a suitable betting bank in place.

Tell us a bit about the demographics of your subscribers – which markets are strongest and which markets are you targeting next moving forward? Is everyone betting on football? What other sport features proudly among your subscribers?

The main focus on Betting Gods tends to be football and horse racing. However, we have customers and tipsters who bet on US sports, golf, speedway racing, greyhound racing,tennis and cricket.

Currently 69% of our customers are from the UK, 16% are from the EU, 3% are US based, 2% are from Australia and the remaining 10% are from the rest of the world. We’d love to expand more into the US although appreciate that they do have strict laws on gambling – who knows maybe the industry will come up trumps under a new president!. We also want to grow further in Europe which is why Betting Gods
is now available in eight languages, and has made a significant and conscious effort to promote the brand across central and eastern Europe; if you haven’t seen (or heard) any of our adverts around the Maltese islands I’m sure you soon will, especially if you listen to XFM or
fly Air Malta! Looking at other demographics, 89% of our customers are male and aged anywhere from 25 to over 65.

You are also looking for affiliates, but you are not an operator – could this be a new angle for affiliates? How has the relationship worked so far? What are typical affiliates deals? CPA? Rev share? Hybrid? Is it tough to compete with sports books that offer generous CPA or rev share deals?

We’re not an operator in the typical sense of bookie, bingo, casino, etc. but Betting Gods is something completely different and unique
for affiliates who may traditionally promote to sports betting audiences, and are longing for something different that is backed by genuine, caring support that really cares about your success.

We currently offer the option of CPL where affiliates earn a flat fee of £1.50 for every free lead that signs up for the Betting Gods newsletter. We have two landing pages, one for horse racing and one for football with both converting just below the 50% mark.

We then offer the option of Rev Share where affiliates earn 50% of every and any sale they send to Betting Gods.

Affiliates are paid 50% of every subscription payment the customer pays for life.

Fantasy Sport is on the increase in Europe: we keep saying that 2017 is the year for Fantasy Sport. Do you see an opportunity for Betting Gods in new sectors such as fantasy sport and e-sport?

I think providing tips or predictions for e-sports would be interesting and I’m sure is something we’ll explore at some point in the future but I must confess that my knowledge of this area is what I’d call ’novice’. I’ll be making a conscious effort to follow e-sport developments throughout the coming months, but in the meantime I cam confirm that Betting Gods is dipping our toe in the water with some sponsorship around the e-sport conference in Poland on 23rd March.

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