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The common sense of community

Oren Arzony, Director at House Tech Ads, examines the demand for community in the affiliate marketing industry, particularly amongst a new gaming generation

They say it takes a village to raise a model citizen. And it’s certainly true that the advantages of communities organised around common interests and well-aligned goals are hugely beneficial, sharing educational experiences and hard-won knowledge for the greater good of the tribe.

These collective sensibilities have historically had little traction in the affiliate industry, whose reputation has tended towards the impersonal of late, with seemingly scattershot approaches to M&A creating something of a faceless feel across the sector.

Of course, it’s been a rough few months for iGaming affiliates in the glare of a rising regulatory spotlight. Reigned in by tighter channels of compliance, licenses are now responsible for the actions of any third-party that they employ, and consequently need to exercise tighter control of their traffic. It was high time.

However, having had it so good, for so long, it seems affiliates are suffering from the stark comparison to their recent glory days. The business model hasn’t just disappeared. Instead, the space is merely evolving into a more professional environment - and House Tech Ads is at the forefront of this progress.

sigma igaming The common sense of community Gamblerspick’s revolutionary Progressive Jackpots Meter.

Player protection is a key principle that emanates from this movement. After all, an online casino portal with a focus on collaboration and better-aligned interests can engender a safer online gambling experience - both through the exchange of cautionary tales,and also the trust that comes with knowing that others have enjoyed positive encounters with a particular operator.

It’s an ongoing imperative for the major affiliate networks in this industry to get right, lest they get left behind by agile new business models. To which end, House Tech Ads has recently launched GamblersPick.com. The site is specifically designed to fulfil these aforementioned needs in the market, providing an intuitive, worldwide forum through which players can share their thoughts, and relish discussing their opinions with their fellow players to ultimately drive more rewarding online casino experiences for our users.

GamblersPick also has all the information and insight that online casino players have come to expect, boasting a large database of opinion pieces that is being constantly updated by knowledgeable, experienced online gaming commentators, as well as over 1,000 casino and 8,000 game reviews. These reviews also incorporate Gamblerspick’s revolutionary Progressive Jackpots Meter, allowing players to establish if a jackpot is more or less likely to trigger  any chosen title.

Just look at the success of a site like TripAdvisor. Accordingly, the overarching aim must be to foster a trusted sense of community, ownership and evaluation which affords reliable and readily intelligible coverage to the end user. It’s all part of the wider trend in multimedia entertainment, a tide that is only rolling one way. For a more apposite gaming reference, consider the all-conquering rise and rise of dynamic, community-driven online games such as Fortnite to witness the power of allowing a community to flourish around an idea.

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