Jan 23 / 2018
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The Copter Race 2017

An International Competition, Supported by Max Polyakov

The best pilots from both Ukraine and abroad met at the greatest race of the year. On September 23-24, Dnipro hosted FAI World Cup stage in drone-racing. World Cup stage was held as part of the annual competition, Copter Race, an event supported by Association Noosphere and its co-founder Max Polyakov, which was first held in 2015. Starting as an amateur competition, Copter Race already hosts an official World Cup Stage of the World Federation of Aviation Sports (FAI).

SiGMA-igaming-Copter Race

Image Credit: Copter Race via Facebook

In 2017, Association Noosphere, managed by Max Polyakov, became the global technical partner of the FAI. One of the main goals of this cooperation is to develop professional drone-racing.

Max Polyakov noted that drone racing is a very young sport. The rules in this discipline are still in the formation stage and Noosphere is working a lot to help FAI formalize the rules of racing.

40 pilots from Ukraine, Switzerland, Poland, and Germany took part in Copter Race 2017 and impressed the audience with their stunning flights. The competition was judged by representatives from Ukraine (through Ukrainian champion in the F3C class Dmytro Franchuk) and Italy (through official FAI delegate Oscar Chinello).
Besides the official contest, Copter Race 2017 included two kinds of amateur drone-racing: the Fan copter league, where kids and grownups act and feel like professional drone pilots, and Freestyle with all its loops. But the unusual part of the competition that astonished the visitors and summed up competition’s first day was the gripping night show race of drones. That’s why, despite the inclement weather, spectators enjoyed watching the drone-battles so much.

SiGMA-igaming-Copter Race

Image Credit: Copter race via Facebook

The next day of the competition was pretty intense as the pilots competed for the main prizes. And finally, after a 6-hour battle, the winners were announced. They were:

  • Andy Hahn, a participant from Germany, 1st place
  • Dario Noenschwander, a Swiss competitor, 2nd place
  • Victor Dzenzel, a pilot from Ukraine, 3rd place

Also, Max Polyakov mentioned that eNavigator, the automated scoring system, was successfully live-tested at the Noosphere Race Cup this year.

Copter Race 2017 was also a marvelous opportunity for the whole family to spend some time together, where everyone could try operating a real drone and visit various workshops, exhibitions, and game zones for teens and kids.

We see, that the popularity of such technological and sporting events is growing among the public of all ages. They have especially become popular among the youth. Every event supported by Max Polyakov’s Noosphere is aimed to share knowledge and experience in science and technology to help the coming generation, and Copter Race 2017 was no exception.



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