The Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino announces reopening of its venues

The Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino announced that it opened its doors with protocols implemented as from last Friday, September 4

The venue intends to continue providing services that were provided before the COVID-19 pandemic, while ensuring that its customers and workers remain as safe as possible from any possible contagion. Some of the measures include the placement of disinfection gel in all of its instalments, the use of masks, obligatory for all personnel and the guests in public areas, social distance, the digitalisation of all of information to prevent excessive contact with surfaces, maximum food safety, and frequent disinfection processes.

Leandro TajesLeandro Tajes, General Director of the hotel, said "During our years of history, our top priority has been people and we have always take care in preserving their well-being. That is why, at this time when it is key to adapt quickly to the new reality that surrounds us and it is necessary to generate confidence, we wanted to launch this new hygienic-sanitary protocol.

We will ensure that social and safety distance is respected and maintained, both for guests and employees within the entire hotel premises," he emphasised.

We will promote the digitalisation of all information, through a PPP where clients can access all hotel information, including the post-COVID-19 standards and protocols, which we are putting into practice in our properties. As well as information from the rest of our hotels in America. We will implement QR codes so that guests and clients can have the menus of the bars and restaurants available.

We will offer good practices and training, in the different channels and platforms available in the hotel, and we will transmit messages of awareness, sensitivity and good practices and inform guests of all the measures that are being carried out, as well as request their maximum collaboration for the fulfilment of these. We will also provide the necessary protective equipment to our collaborators, and offer them a specific training plan. Thus, our staff, besides following all the safety, disinfection and cleaning rules, before and after each service, will be fully trained to solve any kind of query in this regard so that the customer can be as informed as possible."

About SiGMA Europe - Malta

SiGMA Group has announced the postponement of its Europe summit, which was planned to be held in Malta on 17-19 November 2020. The show will now open its doors early next year in February, running from the 16-18th, making it the first event to headline the 2021 gaming calendar.   

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