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The future of recruitment

Francina Moisa, iGaming elite and Nichollsmoisa director on the importance of effective recruitment and selection

This interview was published in the Autumn edition 2019 of SiGMA magazine, Issue 9. Read similar articles in the digital edition here.

In 2018 a comprehensive study by EY showcased that finding the right talent is a key challenge for 64% of business. Francina Moisa, iGaming elite and Nichollsmoisa director, writes about how bringing the recruitment process into the future can help businesses achieve superior employee attraction and retention rates, gain competitive advantage in the market place and reduce attrition costs.

Imagine that you are a start-up gaming business, or maybe an established company looking to launch within a new market. Would you compromise on the quality of your acquisition campaigns? Would you attempt to acquire your consumers with no attention to detail? Would you launch into a new market and acquire customers with absolutely no CRM strategy in place? Offer Affiliates an uncompetitive rewards structure by sending a database mailshot?

Sounds insane, doesn’t it ?

Add to this an unhealthy obsession of “who has the most benefits” and you will find yourself in a race to the bottom to access talent relevant to your business.

Without a doubt businesses have to market themselves to their audience and potential talent targets, but by focusing on monetary benefits and basic emotional engagement to the brief “wow factor”, gaming companies are missing out on the key ingredient to successful talent attraction and retention: cultural and commercial alignment.

Is it not time that you move past the basic Skype video calls, generic psychometric testing and benefit list that sounds the same for everyone?

Francina Moisa, iGaming elite and Nichollsmoisa director.

You invest heavily in your technology, service and product offering, office space and sustainable initiatives. Why leave your recruitment process behind, stuck in the ’00s?

But sometimes companies have little choice and it’s up to industry service providers, such as ourselves, to raise the bar and present solutions that are designed to reduce this risk and help businesses engage and retain talent in a long term, sustainable way, rather than through spot trading.

As business owners ourselves, we directly understand the impact that wrong hires, high staff turnover and scattered recruitment processes have on your business and rather than accepting that “it is what it is” and succumb to inertia, we decided to do something about it.

Imagine if you could know everything there is to know about a candidate, before committing yourself to a face-to-face meeting. Imagine if you could measure, scientifically, whether you are compatible from a behavioural, psychometric and commercial value point of view. Imagine if you could ask potential talent specific, scenario-based questions that are designed to draw up their problem solving skills and specific expertise in your key area of interest. Imagine if you had access to all of this information at your fingertips, from anywhere in the world.

This is our “something”. We committed ourselves to change and innovation and we are proud to introduce to you our exclusive and unique candidate assessment system I.R.i.S , helping you bring your recruitment process into the future and achieve long-term results in a more cost efficient way. All of this, underpinned by a combined expertise of over 30 years in strategic headhunting, targeted advertising and market mapping across EMEA.

Lead the way in innovation across the board and start it where you can see the quickest, most tangible difference: in your employees.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” - Charles Darwin

Are you ready to change?

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