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The Google Playground: Optimizing SEO

The changing landscape of Google SEO by optimizing SEO appears to be an uphill path for both affiliates and operators, the risk of getting de-ranked is steadily getting higher. Fingers are pointed to Google upgrades, Penguin and Panda as the main characters to blame. The Google innovations locates improper links-building and sites involving spam, which are penalised and accordingly fall in rankings. Massive buying out of web links by operators and inappropriate anchoring of keywords are the determining factors that make web sites being hit. Operators’ pages are unfortunately degraded to affiliates’ level what means that the latter are on the usual track, but it forces to take different perspective for operators and reinvent their SEO techniques.

It’s simply huge money down the drain and in order to avoid Google penalisation they are advised to take upon new strategies to prevent such scenario i.e. the division of web sites in brand and selection of sites that are prepared in case they need to be first man on the frontline.

Even the best painting with gorgeous framing is nothing without the proper story to convey. The new upgrades are focusing on enriching the high-quality content and penalise sites with tautologic or redundant items. Thus, operators should be wary as not to chaotically organise their sites and randomly publish contents, it is shrewd for them to produce purposeful and informative pieces; otherwise they risk falling in ranks.

Substantially, a professional support is strongly advised to keep up to date with SEO tactics and changing environment. At this point SEO agencies may intervene with deal of analytical information and provide any necessary solutions or monitor traffic performance.

For iGaming industry investing in SEO is of fundamental importance, as it engulfs the building of brand identity and directs network traffic to web site. Operators and affiliates invest loads of money, even millions of pounds, to conduct successful SEO campaigns to benefit with even bigger revenues. Operating within and pumping huge amounts of money into SEO involves risk of losing them and transforming loaded investments into rotten apples. Though the environment is highly competetive, it’s a game worth risk.

The Google search engine is undoubtfully the fastest horse in the race considering the market, but the rivals like social media or other search engines are not blurry dots on the horizon; but swiftly adapting competitors behind leaders’ tail. Traffic in social media (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.) generates enormous revenues and is inseparably involved in SEO optimization.

Efficient managing of web site resources and applying appropriate SEO techniques in iGaming are prolific aspects of the industry and keep its economic wheels turning.

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