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The Google Saga: Shifting the Goalposts

It’s the Google saga! Google Search Engine updates has shaken the SEO fundamentals and severly impacted many websites’ rankings. Basically, what is Google aiming for are low quality backlinking and content, but recently a new set of scheme link is also gunning for low quality guest blogging and adverts.

It is a matter of big importance for everybody who works excessively on their SEO ranking to acknowledge some basic information connected with these matters. Hereby mentioned aspects are nothing advanced in terms of SEO but still crucial.

Guest blogging have become an alternative way of winding SEO rankings up by exchanging links. However, Google SE newest algorithm updates are hunting down sites with guest blogging conentrating only on sharing links and low quality content.

Putting irrelevant advertorials on different sites may shot down a site in rankings. Google reports that in case of “paid” content like advertorials, it is forbidden to place them on different sites and to impact the rankings in that way. Such behaviour is automatically penalised if discovered. There may be no keyword rich backlinks for advertorials.

Other form of advertising that can be penalised are optimized press releases, which may be overly optimized, being a target for Google. Anchor text links are no longer needed. The optimized press release must be based on content, focused on the audience and not for search engine. Remember to simply put url to the most relevant site.

The content is the most important matter right now. Concentrating on improving content will result in putting a website higher in rankings. Longtailed keywords are the right choice to make set the website in less competitive environment. Using adwords payable lists is always an effective way to put the website at the top of SERP.

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