The iGaming industry strengthens Spain’s economy amid COVID-19 job crisis

Revenue growths announced by companies within the iGaming sector have given rise to an increasing number of jobs in Spain

iGaming companies within the European Union are expected to generate €29.3bn in revenues by 2022, up from €22.2bn in 2018. Ibiza and Cadiz in Spain are home to thousands of employees within the iGaming sector and unprecedented revenue growths announced by companies within this industry have given rise to an increasing number of jobs in cities that have been hit the hardest by COVID-19. Cadiz neighbors Gibraltar, which is second to Malta when it comes to being an iGaming capital in Europe.

There are many iGaming companies that have set up and continue to operate on the Island of Gibraltar like 888, Playtech and Bwin. Spanish employees working in Gibraltar travel there from mainland Spain on a daily basis. Furthermore, there are also many British workers who live in Cadiz in order to work in Gibraltar. 

George Owen from the casino comparison website Megaways Casino says “The economies of Cadiz and Ibiza have both been enhanced through iGaming as have other places.” and adds “Gibraltar and Ibiza continue to be two of the biggest iGaming hubs in the world”. 

Although Spain has been classified as one of the countries that has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus in Europe, its economy has  been enhanced through iGaming.

Because of an increased number of government enforced regulations that have been implemented on casino gaming, sports betting has become the most profitable within this sector and is with over 42% also the most popular form, followed by online casino games. 

This weekend Spain has been classified as one of the countries that has been hit the hardest by the coronavirus in Europe with over 166,000 infected making it second to the USA when comparing it worldwide. UniCredit research published last week suggests that Spain is set to suffer more from the crisis than any other European economy, estimating a 15.5% decline in gross domestic product this year and a fiscal deficit of 12.5% of GDP. Other economists argue that a 10% drop in output and a deficit of 10% of GDP are likely. Currently nobody knows the exact numbers but the iGaming industry is undoubtly bringing revenues to the country in these difficult times. 

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