Be a Hero, make a difference with SiGMA Foundation

The legacy of heroes is the inheritance of great example and Hero Gaming surely know best

SiGMA Foundation is seeking to address an ongoing problem worldwide by offering life changing opportunities to children who are deprived of basic needs. Hero Gaming has already reached out and gave a helping hand. The Foundation will further address this problem as of this month and will turn towards the iGaming world once again to generate more funds.

Theobald, Marie Louise 2018 - Website - iGaming IDOLChief of Human Resource Officer at Hero Gaming, Marie Theobald said  “We strive to support various NGOs both locally and internationally. Working with SiGMA Foundation on this project has given us access to offer life changing opportunities to children who are deprived of basic needs, education in particular, and we are proud to have done so. We encourage other organizations to follow suit as with our kindness we can give hope and endless opportunities to those who live through so much poverty.”

SiGMA Foundation was created to do good. Many kindergartens built over the last couple of decades in the Jimma Bonga diocese of Ethiopia have run aground financially in that there has been no one to provide for the running costs (teachers fees, feeding programs, hardware, etc). The annual cost for the subsistence of a school is from €3500-6000.

An introduction to Dr Roberta Lepre · CastilleDr Roberta Lepre (Foundation Secretary) had this to say "This month, our foundation launches the 'support a school' initiative for Ethiopia. In essence, we are searching high and low for good Samaritans to understand and empathise with the plight these children are facing. But just imagine the satisfaction of being able to provide subsistence for 200 kids for a year? Hero gaming have already come on board and we are cautiously optimistic that many others will step up to the table with their tiding. Of course, we will provide full transparency to the use of funds", as transparency is the founding stone of SiGMA Foundation.


No description available.Hero Gaming, have a multi-brand strategy and aim  to deliver a safe and responsible gambling experience which is a natural and exciting form of entertainment. This company was one of the first gaming companies to lead by example. With its donations, Hero Gaming has helped SiGMA Foundation in its goal to make this world a better place.

This is what Father Samuel, taking care of the kids in Ethiopia, had to say to Hero Gaming and SiGMA Foundation: "We are very happy because we are surrounded by children who we can feed, give hope, courage and a future, opportunity to grow and have this quality of life. Thank you Hero Gaming , thank you SiGMA Foundation!"

SiGMA Foundation is not just a charitable organisation. As well as providing financial aid, it hopes to
educate those in need, helping them in becoming self-sufficient for their subsistence and restore their

All our directors are fully accountable to the foundation and its donors, with all funds collected to reach
their intended recipients in full. No director will ever be remunerated or refunded any expense. Our
accounts will be freely available for review upon demand.

About SiGMA Foundation:
SiGMA Foundation is the charitable arm of SiGMA Group, reflecting the company’s commitment to supporting those in need around the world with fund-raising activities. 


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