The new normal

Lloyd Butler, CEO at Live 5, tells SiGMA News how the developer has refocused on three core factors to continue to drive growth at a time when the only certainty is uncertainty

The past 12 months have been unprecedented in terms of the challenges the industry has faced but the way in which operators, suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders have adapted is something we should all be proud of.

That the wider industry has not only survived but in some instances thrived is nothing short of remarkable, and all while ensuring that the highest possible safe gaming standards are being met and players properly protected.

Here at Live 5 we have been able to ride the Covid storm by refocussing on three core factors which we believe has put the business in a strong position now and for the next 12 months where the only real certainty looks set to be another year of uncertainty.

Below, I discuss these areas in a little more detail and suggest how operators and developers can benefit by taking the same approach.


We have invested heavily – cash and resources – into building and fine-tuning our systems and tools so that we can drive growth at scale. This is achieved through using these systems and tools to streamline content development and distribution.

This enables us to be nimble and flexible, and to react quickly to new trends and changing player preferences. This means that we can be certain that new titles leaving our production line deliver the experience players are seeking.

Ultimately, this makes us more competitive and as a result more profitable.


From day one, Live 5 has operated with employee flexibility as a core value. We have always allowed staff to work both from the office and from home, so we already had the required processes and technologies in place when remote working was mandated last year.

The past 12 months have reinforced the importance of this, and all organisations should now ensure they can offer office-based and remote working. Not only that, but they must utilise the latest technologies to ensure effective communication between team members.

That we have been doing this from day one has given us a real advantage over the past 12 months; we actually see remote working as an advantage and have been able to leverage the upsides to make improvements across the business and, most importantly, to our games.


Over the past 12 months we have significantly scaled our testing process and capacity; this was achieved by developing our own server technology in-house. This has given us near forensic insight into the math performance of our games, allowing us to undertake deeper analysis.

This is giving us more confidence in new game releases as we are able to apply this data and analysis to current titles in our roadmap and make the necessary improvements. The efficiency of our server is also vastly improved, resulting in faster game speeds and superior graphics.

The new normal

I would argue that the industry will have to come to terms with another 12 months of disruptions and remote working and that it may actually become the new normal. As such, now is the time to upgrade processes and technologies in order to continue to drive growth.

For Live 5, we will be focussing on expanding into new markets – especially Canada and the USA – partnering with more operators than ever before and launching some truly incredible games. It will undoubtedly be a challenging year, but one that we are excited to embrace with both arms.

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