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The relationship between online gambling and America

With several states across the US legalising online gambling, many Americans are starting to realise the benefits of the industry

The sports betting framework in terms of regulations is constantly changing and evolving with time. The last election saw three states place measures on the ballot to legalise sports betting which included Louisiana, Maryland and South Dakota, and each of them voted in favor of such measures.

As per the American Gaming Association (AGC), there are currently 19 states that actively permit sports betting services and operations. Another six states including Louisiana, Maryland and South Dakota have authorised legal sports betting, however, they are yet to commence operations.

Other than election results, immense growth of the usage of mobile phones is another important Online gambling | SiGMA Newsfactor, amongst others, that has contributed to the expansion of the online betting market. This is mainly due to the fact that users can easily access data by having access to a simple yet effective provided interface. 

In general, it seems that a positive change in attitude towards online gambling services can be seen across various spectrum's.

According to a survey published by the AGC, 69% of Americans share the view that gaming contributes in a positive manner to the U.S economy. Additionally, 63% of the population agree that the industry provides high quality jobs.

Furthermore, 76% are aware of the importance of tax generated through such an industry and how it will be of more importance to state and local governments nowadays due to the COVID-19 related budget shortfalls.

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