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The Vikings are coming!

Meet them at the Affiliate & CMO conference, 29th November

Ever come across the company name Internet Vikings before but have no idea what they are doing? Well, as a visitor to SiGMA you should make sure you do not miss them this year. Internet Vikings is a Swedish tech company providing SEO and link building services to customers all over the world.

This year Internet Vikings will be hosting the Affiliates & CMO conference on the 29 of November -  and the programme is intense! Come and listen to the latest insights in SEO brand protection, learn about the emerging markets APAC, Africa and USA and find out how you can deal with Google’s manual penalties.

SiGMA iGaming The Vikings are coming! Meet Internet Vikings at the Affiliate & CMO conference.

Rickard Vikström, founder and owner of the Swedish tech company Internet Vikings has been to SiGMA every year as a visitor. This year he decided to take on a more active role.

How come Internet Vikings is one of the Headline Sponsors this year?

SiGMA has really developed into Europe’s most important meeting point for people in the iGaming industry. This includes operators, affiliates and other interesting actors. As many of our most valued customers and partners come to this conference it is important for us the be here as well to get new ideas, network and to share our own knowledge. And, this being SiGMA’s fifth year, we felt it was time for us to take on a larger role.

What about your company name? Does it mean anything in particular?

Some people have asked me if we are just a bunch of wild and crazy entrepreneurs who like to drink beer. Sure, we like to have a cold beer every now and then. But that’s not everything about us, not at all. Instead, the name Internet Vikings refers to our urge to discover and explore new areas. Like new businesses, or new ways of doing business. To have that venturous mind, just like the Vikings, some 1 000 years ago, means we can really put weight behind the words when we say that our goal is to solve the unsolvable. We really want to help our customers with their technical challenges, and no challenge is too big.

At last Rickard, will you offer the attendees at SiGMA something extraordinary on the 28-30 of November?

I sure hope so! Come and listen to our thoughts concerning SEO brand protection during the Affiliates & CMO conference on the 29th. If you don’t have possibility to attend the conference, make sure you visit us in our stand BR223-224. Me and my fellow Vikings are really looking forward to seeing all of you at SiGMA 2018!

Check out our latest events in the videos below:

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