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Think Global Act Local

Global Gaming’s Head of CRM, Shireen Haddadeen, discusses the importance of CRM in the ever-changing world of mobile gaming, and how the PayNPlay model has revolutionised the way CRM works in modern businesses.

PayNPlay, the Game Changer

First, let’s recap what the PayNPlay model is. The model involves simplifying the user journey and experience responsibly, through collaboration with the payment provider which confirms a full KYC check on every customer upon their first deposit. In a nutshell, no personal contact data is captured during sign up, thereby creating a challenge unique to the PayNPlay method, as without the contact information we have no open communication channels with customers

Global Gaming were at the forefront of this revolutionary idea to disrupt the iGaming industry, and the PayNPlay model was first delivered through our flagship brand Ninjacasino.com in 2016. Global Gaming operate largely in the Swedish and Finnish territories with more jurisdictions on the horizon.

The CRM challenges of PayNPlay

Naturally PayNPlay CRM is in its infancy within the iGaming industry, as Global Gaming’s innovative concept hit the market 2 years ago and only now is the market realising the potential and trying to catch up.

Global Gaming’s growth and marketing efforts have played a crucial role in shaping the customer expectation from our casino experience.  These combined efforts take the lead in defining what principles matter to our customers and their anticipated journey which we believe is best delivered through consistency in building a strong brand to customer rapport, in both its off and online presence. This unique business model has matured significantly in a very short space of time and, as a result, has cultivated a completely new viewpoint on what CRM means for us as a business, and how to utilize it as well as possible.

In the PayNPlay registration process, there is no email, phone number or address information required. Essentially there is no way of reaching out to the customer, which creates an obvious challenge. Teamed up with the implementation of the recent GDPR law, it is imperative that our approach to CRM is as methodical as can be.

How does this impact your 3 core functions of Operational, Analytical and Collaborative CRM?

Pretty detrimental you would think, or is it?

Operational CRM, which is fundamental to building a customer rapport, is now not an option compared to the traditional approach where transactional, retention and other automated life cycle campaigns were in place to instil and maintain a loyalty program. With no way of using traditional methods of CRM to invite your customer database to partake in online promotions, it becomes challenging to personalise that user experience and customer journey and in some cases even reach those customers, let alone convert them.

Moving on to Analytical CRM, which is second line support to Operational CRM, its main function is to analyse customer data, so that the business can operate in a test, learn and iterate environment, to better understand market trends and customers wants and needs. Relying on these traditional methods that once served up the model for a healthy interaction to gain new perspectives about the relationship between customer and brand no longer apply. With the PayNPlay model it is impossible for Analytical CRM to be utilized as effectively without the required information from customers. With no data to mine for patterns from marketing comms engaged behaviour, this becomes a whole new table game.

Now what about Collaborative CRM? Depending on whose definition you’re looking at, Collaborative CRM will either be a challenge or become your hero! Let’s go with the latter, because it adds more value, and at this point that’s what matters. Collaborative CRM in reference to this article on PayNPlay, is when a company’s internal departments share their customer interaction information with each other. Getting your teams to work together can be your most powerful tool. As Peter Drucker says, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.

What does the future CRM PayNPlay look like?

Having had the privilege to grow my career with a solid CRM focus across several reputable iGaming operators, I have been able to see the changing face of CRM and its untapped value in being an enabler in many areas of an enterprise.  I believe this is an exciting time for the PayNPlay product and marketing functions within CRM and will be paramount in cleaning up the industry, placing a high value on the consistency of quality CRM.

I believe that this new world of CRM will be a win-win for both the customer and the business.

Let’s start with the customer. They’re being listened too, finally. Their behaviour is telling that even without words they react to user journeys and varying customer experiences, and that guides us where to take the product next, what experiences they are looking for, gives businesses an insight into plenty more when strategically analysed.

What about from the Business side?

From a product angle this aligns with the highly familiar fast-changing agile workflow that strives for continual innovation. Going back to touch on Collaborative CRM, speaking as a product owner wishing to find purpose and value in providing an effective solution, now is that time to shine.

Looking at it from a marketeer’s perspective, the job just got a whole lot more creative and exciting. As a marketeer your ideal vision of contribution to collaborative projects and campaigns is filled with evolving ideas and there’s no exception with CRM. This new world of CRM requires more cross- functional collaborative team efforts, thoughts and ideas to come together to give the customer their best experience yet.

It’s exciting times to be a customer, a product owner and a marketeer, and there’s your win-win.

Global Gaming’s innovative PayNPlay concept will be influential into shaping the future of best practice effective CRM.

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