Three businesses in Cartagena had to shut down for not complying with sanitary requirements


Colombia has been applying preventive measures against the possible resurgence of COVID-19 with several departments verifying the legitimacy of the sanitary measures applied

The Secretary of the Interior, the District Administrative Department of Health (Dadis), the Cartagena Metropolitan Police and other District agencies have been utilising resources and time to verify the legitimacy of the sanitary measures applied in the variety of premises, of which 63 commercial establishments in TgVtxutO_400x400three different locations of the city have already been  verified to be compliant with.

However, from the recent verification processes, two hotels and one casino have been ordered to close, due to sanitary requirements deeming them unfit with what was necessary. The casino has been unauthorised to restart its commercial activity, in addition to not having all the documents necessary.

David Múnera Cavadía, Secretary of the Interior said “The decision was made to increase the number of operations in order to guarantee that the commercial establishments, without exception, continue to comply with the biosecurity protocols.

Despite the fact that we are opening new sectors, a greater responsibility is needed from them and from the citizens".

He further explained that if the inspected that premises didn’t comply with the measures established by the mayor's Office and the Ministry of Health, sanctions would be taking place, and as such, these three venues had to be closed "If the establishments are not complying, and we find out that they are not applying biosecurity measures, then we will apply the sanctions stipulated in the Police Code with subpoenas, and in the case of continued non-compliance, the closure of those establishments will also be applied."

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