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ThunderSpin. Engaging game experience for a high ROI

What is ThunderSpin?

Attractive and appealing video slots meet the expectations and requirements of even the most demanding players around the globe. Players are now sick and tired of playing the same games again and again. It’s where ThunderSpin breaks through.

ThunderSpin is a slot game development studio with a precise goal to use the competitors’ drawbacks in building the core strategy to become a market leader in the industry. For example, we can talk about a significant jackpot bonus module and a nice combo of player’s satisfaction with a high partner’s ROI.

ThunderSpin focuses on quality rather than on quantity. You’ll find 29 games in the portfolio where each of them has unique and outstanding UI/UX in a combination with engaging scenarios.

What makes ThunderSpin stand out?

There are a few simple things that make this project so special and unique.

“Before entering the market, we thoroughly investigated the industry. Our expertise has enabled us to create innovative solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Our team of very talented people takes pride in delivering flexible digital casino solutions: superior graphics, high-quality sound, and smart configurations, designed to excite and engage players, keeping them entertained while playing.” — states Alex Kosogov, Head of Games at ThunderSpin.

Besides bringing games to a higher level of quality, there’s a robust back-office system that is responsible for convenience and smooth workflow. For example, there’s a possibility to operate a significant number of currencies. This lets the team find partners in a wide range of locations. Partners get powerful tools to attract players and increase their engagement.

Why choose ThunderSpin for partnership?

ThunderSpin stands for success, reliability, and high engagement. The team believes that video slots can offer players an eye-catching and compelling experience if there’s a well-planned scenario. And there are no boundaries to think of and implement new scenarios for attracting new players and retention of the current ones.

ThunderSpin team is a trustworthy partner that cares about trends, innovations, and implementation of the latest technology. ThunderSpin developed 25+ games that have proved to evoke emotions, attract potential players, and make them come back to play again.

“First of all, it is important to develop a unique game scenario that allows the player to experience new emotions as long as possible. Another important attribute is the bonus system; we are now working on the development of a huge bonus module that includes an innovative jackpot system, a cross-selling system to expose the market to all of our products in a more efficient way. And the third one is to constantly offer the players new products to maintain the interest at the highest level,” explains Alex Kosogov, Head of Games at ThunderSpin.

How will ThunderSpin influence the industry?

It’s good to know a bit about the future of the industry and the key factors that can influence it. ThunderSpin team has already conducted an in-depth market analysis of what is going on now. They’ve watched the development and growth of the industry for years, and it’s a basis for building predictions and suggestions about the future.

ThunderSpin team is ready to share this knowledge with the future partners to plan cooperation with the maximum number of benefits. You might get interested in chatting about new hot topics in video slots, the latest customers’ opinions, and ways to achieve successful results together.

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