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ThunderSpin - new slot development studio

ThunderSpin: new slot development studio aims to take over the online casino world by storm

While the online casino business continues to grow and the number of available providers multiplying across the globe, the industry’s demands for simple, flexible and engaging slot games across online and land-based casinos rise as well. Meet ThunderSpin, slot development studio ready to accept the challenge and satisfy the growing demands by offering unique game titles to the players and approaching the business partnerships with outside the box thinking.

“As a slots development studio, our main focus is to develop games equipped with engaging mechanics, high-quality sounds, colorful graphic designs, and rewarding bonus features,” explained Alex Kosogov the company’s Head of Games.

Alex unveiled ThunderSpin’s pros: “We have a very talented team of professionals who share one vision - to actually push the boundaries of the industry in order to provide players with a more innovative, more exciting and engaging gaming experience.” 

“One of the major benefits for ThunderSpin partners is that they do not have to worry about the popularity of the games, before adding new products to our portfolio, we conduct extensive market research and try to fill the existing gaps and answer the players demands.”  

“In addition, we help our partners to acquire and retain customers through different bonuses and features - such as free spins, tournaments, jackpots, cross-selling between slots, and special promotions. These functionalities can be easily integrated into any client platform.”

The company is keen to highlight another major benefit for partners which is the ability to provide customized game titles. “We are very proud to offer a service allowing for the creation of exclusive custom-made game content. If a partner has an idea of their ‘ideal slot’ or just wants an exclusive game for a particular casino, we can create it for them. Experience shows that high-quality exclusive content can lead to acquire and retain players, so this is a win-win situation for our partners and players alike!”

The international appeal of the ThunderSpin, is evidenced in its easy adaptability across different markets and various currencies. “ThunderSpin supports the majority of world currencies as well as dozens of cryptocurrencies, as a brand we strive to be widely accessible across different sectors of the industry, allowing quick integration with online gaming operators, game aggregators and land-based platforms. Our services also include 24-hour customer support and a convenient admin panel with easily retrievable data from the back office.”

The company’s Head of Games concluded: “We are approaching a number of exciting milestones in the near future, including new game titles, innovative jackpot mechanics and tournament structures. We are also looking forward to delivering our most popular games, Book of Treasures, Kingdom of Glory and Angels vs. Demons, to a host of new casino operators across a number of new markets. Also we are proud to announce a brand new Halloween themed game: Halloween Witch Party. This product was designed by combining top-notch visuals and sounds with interesting and fun game scenario. You can check the game on our website and let us know your thoughts”.

New “Halloween Witch Party” slot. Be the first to try and send your feedback to our email marketing@thunderspin.com.

One of the most important gaming industry events is coming. SIGMA is a great opportunity for ThunderSpin to be involved into the cutting edge iGaming showcase. If you want to create next-level business opportunities for the global iGaming sector, SIGMA is a must-visit, quintessential event for any company. ThunderSpin team will visit the event and will be glad to meet potential partners. It is a great chance to start deals with the best brands and engage the leading suppliers. 

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