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Time to play the game

Nikita Gorškov, CEO of Mancala Gaming, says that developers must look to video games and mobile games if they are to create titles that tap into the psyche of millennial players

The online casino sector is fiercely competitive and for a new game studio the odds are very much stacked against you with the market dominated by a number of power players.

There are two ways to take the fight to these giants; the first is to spend big and the second is to identify a niche and through creativity and innovation, dominate that space.

Mancala Gaming is taking the second approach; we believe developers have yet to come up with games that truly engage and entertain millennials and we see this as a missed opportunity.

video gamingWe know that a new generation of player is going to take over the market soon and that they will demand change – they will want new mechanics, designs and experiences.

To meet these demands, we are designing and developing online casino games that take a great deal of inspiration from the worlds of video gaming and mobile gaming.

In particular, we are using role playing game and multiplayer online battle arena game mechanics to give players more control over how to play our games and to also introduce an element of skill.

We believe the math and mechanics of a game are the areas with the greatest room for innovation. Creating a never-seen-before mechanic is what will make or break a new game provider like us.

This is exciting for the industry, operators and most importantly players as it will see developer’s really push the boundaries and enter a mindset where no idea is a crazy idea.

Take our latest slot, Cherry Bombs, for example. With this game, we built in three levels that ensure players remain engaged while also taking the entertainment value to new highs.

The concept is for players to have the Matchstick symbol and the stem of a Cherry symbol align to trigger an explosion and destroy adjacent symbols.

There is a meter level that goes up and down with the number of Cherry explosions. Once the meter is full, the player clears that level and moves on to the next.

Each level works as follows: 

Level 1: It starts as a 5x3 slot game with 25 paylines. Once Matchstick and Cherry symbols are properly aligned, it creates an explosion and destroyed symbols disappear and new ones cascade from above giving players another chance to win.

Level 2: Transforms to 6x4 slot with cluster wins and starts with free spins. There are single and double cherry explosions and when there is an explosion, the empty space is filled with symbols of the same kind for a guaranteed win. The player moves to level 3 once their level 2 meter is full.

Level 3: The slot transforms to a 7x5 reel game with cluster wins. There is a new symbol, Triple Cherry, and once this one explodes it transforms all symbols on the grid to symbols of the same kind for a full screen win.

In short, we have created three games in one and built in a mechanic that keeps the player engaged and rewards them with new ways to play the game at every level.

It is games like this, as well as those that use the blueprint of games such as Candy Crush and tower-defence games, that will break down the wall that traditional slots put in front of millennials.

But Mancala Gaming is not only looking to break down walls between games and players, we are looking to do the same for those in place between developers and operators.

We understand that operators do not have the capacity to undertake integrations with all of the studios in the market, which is why we have devised a solution where we do most of the work.

We can integrate any operator’s API into our platform – a reverse integration, if you like – so they do not need to have a dedicated team overseeing the process.

We have the knowledge, experience and capacity to cater to any and all operator platforms and look forward to working with many more brands over the coming months.

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