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Tips from Frosmo to personalize a gambling site

Gambling industry is one of the eCommerce niche that requires delicate treatment due to its nature. However, like in other cases, personalization is one of the engines that drives online gambling revenues.
Frosmo works with different industries, always aiming to create a unique optimized approach for every customer case. We have discovered that while the general personalization principles are similar to that of retail and travel websites, online gamblers might need a different kind of approach.

Here’s a few tips that could make a big difference:

Don’t leave out unregistered users.

Majority of visitors on gambling websites are there with a clear intent to play. Yet some of them can browse unregistered at first, for example when checking out a new service. Most gambling services only offer incentives for registration, but don’t do anything to personalize the website for unregistered users based on their interests.

If a user checks out some games in the introduction mode, and comes back to the main page, why not offer them an incentive to register and play this particular game they checked out, instead of giving them just a general offer?

Use clear intent for cross-sell opportunity.

Users who have been showing strong interest in certain games, play them regularly, but don’t check out anything else, most likely will ignore your special offers for other games. To make the offer more attractive and accessible for them, you have to use their main interest and personalize.

Make an offer that for a certain deposit to the game they play regularly, they will get a bonus/incentive for the game you want to promote. First, you will have to segment users based on the game of their strongest interest and then target specific banners/other content to them.

Incentivize bigger deposits.

It is possible to segment users and personalize for them based on their stake levels. If a user has been playing with high stakes, it makes sense to offer them bigger incentives and various other bonuses to give them reasons for bigger stakes. Same can be applied for lower levels.

Be a responsible service.

Personalization also allows you to take proper care of your customers, not only by keeping your service relevant to them, but also providing useful information. By tracking customer’s behavior onsite it is possible to detect potential risk patterns. In this case you can personalize the website for them, and instead of various promotions to play more you can display content that will guide these users towards balanced gambling behavior.
Naturally, there is an endless array of personalization opportunities, based on specific gambling websites and their cases. The key here is to be aware that through personalization you can always offer a better service and get higher revenues.

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