Tips on Making the Perfect 3-minute Startup Pitch

Having to pitch your idea to a room full of clients and investors can be a bit challenging sometimes, especially when you have a very short time limit in which to do it in. So how do you create that perfect pitch  in order to stand out?

Here we have put together for you a few solid tips on creating the perfect startup pitch to woo and win them over.

Grab Their Attention

The first words are essential. Your goal here is to want your audience to hear more. In your introduction, get to the basics of your company, your concepts, your target audience and how your idea solves a problem or fills a niche. This is your opener that tells your audience what your company does, how it serves your customers and why it is unique.

Snappy Taglines work

Try creating or finding a short and snappy pitch or tagline that will work for your company. Winning metaphors always work. Look for phrases and terminology from material that is already in existence. There is a lot to choose from if you just search online.

Make it a 3 Part Pitch

A three part pitch can be very effective. First of all, have your creme of the crop material ready, then organize it in three parts. Your opener, an explanation of your company and what it does, then a brief story on the technical aspects that will encourage your audience to pick up where you left off. It’s good to include some market research and case studies in your pitch as well.

Tell a Story

You can grab their attention with a good story. Find the right story, for example about a client’s experience, or the ‘eureka’ moment you had coming up with your idea  to convey what you are trying to sell to them.

Have your Demo Ready

Seeing is believing and too much talking can bore your audience, slides and graphs are good if you can make it look exciting and not too crowded but the most exciting way to go are live demos. If you do decide to go with slides just make sure that they are only a few that focuses on the market, the social proof that your product has traction and your team.

And be Ready to Answer these Questions:

Who is your customer? Who is it for?

What problem are you solving?

How do you plan to market and sell your product?

How is your product unique? How does it stand out? What makes it interesting?

What is the market opportunity?

These are crucial questions that need to be answered solidly. ‘Hope’ does not work here, keep that word out of your vocabulary. You have to be strong with your responses and confident in your product that it will do well. And  remember, it’s a pitch meant only to whet their appetite and not let them leave feeling full.

When answering, take a deep breath don’t take too long to answer and keep your answers short, this will encourage more feedback and give your audience a chance to ask more questions. Best of luck.

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