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TosDis – the one stop DeFi interoperable solution

TosDis aims to become the most complete white label DeFi protocol on the market powered with Liquid Staking

TosDis is a fully decentralised protocol that offers a wide variety of white label DeFi-products and combines them in an efficient and systematic cross-chain environment. As of yet, it offers staking and yield farming as a service as well as a launchpad to incubate high-quality projects and take them to the next level. In the near future,

TosDis aims to further increase its rapid development by implementing liquid staking, a peer-to-peer lending and borrowing platform, an NFT launchpad as well as cross-chain DEX with low fees and advanced trading options. Not only does it promise all these state-of-the-art white label solutions, but it also promises to include as many major chains as possible into its network. Right now, the protocol supports the Ethereum chain, the Binance Smart Chain as well as the Fantom Opera Network, with the Solana an Cardano ecosystem integration planned for Q3 2021.

By implementing all these solutions and incentivising cross-chain interoperability, it’s fair to say that TosDis aims to become the most complete white label DeFi protocol on the market.

Tosdis RoadmapBriefly put the three live features could be described as follows: staking as a service offers staking to all supported blockchains in a permissionless manner, making staking easy, accessible, and affordable to all present and upcoming projects; Yield farming as a service takes the staking service one step further by offering yield farming and liquidity mining to every project on one of the supported blockchains; Last but not least, TosLabs (TosDis’ launchpad) offers an incubation protocol for new high-quality projects in order to let them raise capital in different (hardcoded) funding rounds.

Apart from these features and the recent Fantom Integration, which gives TosDis a first-mover advantage in the Fantom Ecosystem, the future integration of all major blockchains will be a major gamechanger for the world of DeFi. Such a fully-fledged approach sets it apart from most of its main competitors as many of them are solely focused on one specific chain.

When it comes to upcoming product development, one of the most enticing aspects is the liquid staking solution. When users stake their assets via the ecosystem, they will receive a 1:1 asset-backed token for the staked-asset, which can be traded, transferred, or used as collateral in the world of DeFi or on any of the supported networks.

Swiftly moving to another aspect that needs to be highlighted, namely the tokenomics of the project. TosDis made the decision to keep the supply of its native token (DIS) capped at 100,000, while maintaining a deflationary mechanism that will eventually reduce the total supply of the token to a mere 50,000 tokens. Just as YFI, it has the potential to reach tremendous highs, not only because of the technology behind the product, but also due to the carefully thought-out capped supply.

In conclusion, TosDis could be described as one of the few products that continuously develops it platform and has the potential to become one of the major players in the DeFi-world.

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