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Trump odds for impeachment and removal at an all-time high

Following the U.S Capitol riots perpetrated by Trump supporters on January 6, Trump odds for impeachment, removal and self-pardon have soared

U.S CapitolIt's 2021 and Trump has finally conceded his loss of the 2020 election against President-elect Joe Biden after weeks of denial. The transition period was agreed to end in 2 weeks time, in time for the new administration to begin operations on January 20. However, following the riots at the U.S Capitol on January 6, democrats have ramped up the efforts to impeach Trump before the next inauguration.

On January 6 2021, a mob of Trump supporters stormed the U.S Capitol in attempt to overturn the presidential election by occupying parts of the building for hours and breaching security measures. 

After the news, betting markets have opened offers for whether or not Trump will finish his term given the circumstances. Predictlt prices for Trump serving the full term went from $0.90 to $0.74 on January 6. On the same day, prices for resignation rose from a stagnant $0.06 to $0.15. Odds of self-pardon by Trump have peaked from January 6 at $0.36 to $0.57.

Despite Trump's initial confidence on January 6, this gradually faded away as the situation got worse. He eventually urged his supporters to go him as people were being physically harmed. Democrats were enraged by the events and responded with all guns blazing, calling for impeachment if Trump isn't removed from office. Even Republicans who weren't initially onboard for impeachment, have swayed in favour of the move. By January 7, Trump was obliged to publish a video of concession, allowing for the transitional period to commence. 

impeachmentPredictit's price for impeachment to take course is currently at $0.65, proving a lukewarm odd for impeachment to actually happening. Moreover, the odd favoured is of Trump finishing his term, currently priced at $0.80. This consequentially, dispels the likelihood of impeachment or removal.  Furthermore, while low, the odds for resignation - currently priced at $0.16 - are gradually increasing. 

In similar news, The Trump vs. Biden election of 2020 became most wagered on event in betting history.

Source: Calvin Ayre

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