U.S. sports-betting market with a potential of $12.4bn

If the U.S. sports-betting market was fully-regulated, it would be the largest in the world.  According to a recent research conducted by Gambling Compliance, the American market has the potential to generate up to $12.4bn revenue, on a yearly basis. The sum would account for more than five times the mature sports betting market in the United Kingdom.

The authors of the study made an assumption, that US sports betting market is fully developed, which means the bets are allowed via land-based, as well as digital channels. Now, with an exception of Nevada, the business is illegal, so the projections of $12.4b merely stimulate the imagination.

According to Gambling Compliance, the American sports-betting market would account for $6.3bn per year additionally if bets were also allowed in another retail land-based outlets, besides casinos.

Assuming the U.S. law changes, the situation would look interesting also from iGaminig point of view. Online sports-betting is estimated to be worth $4.5bn alone, provided it’s allowed across all over the States.

The main obstacle that stands in the American sports-betting market’s way is the federal law imposed in 1992, namely the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act”.



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