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Ulrik Bengtsson appointed CEO and President of Betsson AB

The Board of Directors of Betsson AB has appointed Ulrik Bengtsson as new CEO and President of Betsson AB.

Ulrik Bengtsson on the cover of SiGMAgazine

Ulrik Bengtsson has extensive experience in digital consumer services and four years of experience in Internet gaming through his role as CEO of Betsson Malta. He will replace Pontus Lindwall who will return to his previous role as working Chairman of the Board.

Lars Linder-Aronson, current Chairman of the Board, will remain on the Board as a member. Ulrik Bengtsson will assume his role as CEO and President on 1 March.

Ulrik has long-standing experience of digital consumer services, including MTG and Viasat. Over the past four years, he has successfully worked as CEO of Betsson’s operational company BML Group Ltd, on Malta. Going forward, Bengtsson will also continue to serve as CEO of BML Group on Malta.

“It will be great to have Ulrik as CEO of the parent company as well, as he knows the entire operations of the Betsson group. Ulrik has played an important role in the development and the execution of the strategies which have resulted in significant value growth for the group,” says Pontus Lindwall, current CEO and President of Betsson AB.

“Ulrik’s knowledge of Betsson bodes for a continued good continuity”, says Lars Linder-Aronson, Chairman of Betsson AB.

“I have been a part of an incredible journey over the past four years with Betsson but I think that we are still only at the start of a structural transformation of the entire industry, which is enabled by a continued transfer of the activity towards online. In my role as CEO and President of Betsson, I will continue to ensure that in the first instance the group focuses on customers, and that innovation takes place where it is important for them. In this way Betsson will continue to gain marketshare. Our strategy to grow both organically and through acquisitions remains” says Ulrik Bengtsson.

Source: Betssonflash.com

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