Unibet Confirms Launch of BetUp Instant by Commologic

Unibet, a Stockholm-listed European sports betting operator, has confirmed the launch of its latest product, BetUP Instant, with industry UX developers Commologic.

Unibet was the first ever industry operator to integrate Commologic’s BetUP product. The product allows its players to participate in instant pool-betting games predicting events within live football matches.

The BetUP Instant update will provide Unibet with up to 30 additional betting opportunities for every football match.

BetUP Instant acts as a micro-pool on the next BetUP question. This increases game turnover with a guaranteed and fixed profit margin for the operator.

The new instant bets allow BetUP to become an even more engaging game, giving players an enjoyable experience from kick-off to the final whistle.

Players can now join a BetUP Instant game without a ticket, and can still enjoy the product if they are behind on the core BetUP game or if they missed the start.

Head of Sports Betting at Unibet, Erik Bäcklund, commented on the integration of the BetUP Instant product: “Once again we are excited to be rolling out another great product from Commologic. BetUP Instant satisfies customer demand for an instant gaming experience within the longer engagement of the game.

“We have seen BetUP work well in parallel to our in-play product and we hope BetUP Instant should make the product stickier, increase revenues, and educate the mores casual customers to bet in-play.”

Tamir Berler, Commologic CEO, added on to Bäcklund’s statement, saying: “We are always trying to innovate the in-play experience for sports fans. BetUP Instant now allows for a fan engagement experience at any time of the game.

“We are learning together with our partners and delighted they are backing the evolutions of our products. We are looking forward to rolling out more innovations together”.

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