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The past, present and future of horse racing in Kenya

Discover the emergence of horse racing in Kenya, and its current status in online betting.

Horse racing in Kenya is commonly considered a rich sport, started by the colonial masters during the colonial period for a relatively long time. Kenya is the only country in East Africa that has a horse race track. As things started to evolve, with internet and mobile usage became rather prominent, the thousands of people started engaging in horse betting both online and offline.   

During colonization, Kenya had two horse racing tracks in Kariorkor and Ngong. Now, Kenya has only one remaining track, Ngong Race. It’s the only one standing in the whole of Kenya as well as East Africa.  It is located in the capital city of Nairobi and currently managed by the Jockey Club of Kenya.  

The management of the Ngong Race Course formed a partnership with the South Africa Jockey team through an exchange program. The aim of this partnership is to help revamp horse racing in Kenya through training, breeding, and jockeys. South Africa is of closer proximity in comparison to the distance to Europe thus, it was considered to be a more viable partner considering the distance compared to Europe.  

kenya horse racingNairobi Ngong Race Course is a lively and beautiful place, packed with lots of entertainment, ambiance environment, and horse races takes place every Sunday.  

The racecourse is equipped with four restaurants where spectators, trainers, guests, club members, and horse owners can grab a meal or two as they are entertained!

There are four types of tracks at the Ngong Race Course, namely Sand and Dirt training tracks, Two Chutes of 2016m and 1800m, 2400m right-hand turf track and Six furlongs straight.  

Visitors are always welcome at the horse racing site. Tours around the racecourse can be arranged and done at a reasonable price as well. Besides that, there is also a possibility  to watch and place bets.    

There is a minimum bet of $1 yet there is no maximum limit. The totalizator pool betting system conducts betting at Nairobi Ngong Race Course. Proceeds from horse racing in Ngong is directed to support the racing community of Kenya.  

Should you want to bet, horse betting can be done both online and offline. Visiting the Ngong Race Course and watching it live is one option however, there are several betting sites both locally as well as internationally.   

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