US: Federal guidelines set to be introduced for sports betting

Biden hints that sports betting guidelines may need to be overlooked by the federal government

President elect Joe Biden seems to support the notion that unnecessary restrictions within the sports betting sphere are needless at this point In time. However, Biden’s administration suggests that it may support involvement from the federal governments in setting guidelines.

Biden has stated in the past that he does support the notion that states and federal authorities should ensure that gaming is fair and safe thus, working together in order to ensure such enforcement.

This statement from Biden officials indicates he “might support the federal government getting more involved in setting federal guidelines for sports betting.”

joe bidenThe popularity of sports betting across the U.S has grown immensely. In fact, voters officially voted in favor of the legalisation of state sports betting in South Dakota, Maryland and Louisiana.

Consequently, sports betting is now legally permitted in 19 states according to the American Gaming Association website. However, although wagering in sport is legal, operations have not yet commenced in six other states. Meanwhile, sports betting legalisation is still underway in two other states.

States that have already started to roll in the millions through sportsbook include the state of Arkansas. The main casino is generating a monthly increase directly related to sports book betting. It is reported that two out of the three casinos based there have brought in more than 1 million dollars in sports bets within a 30 day period ending Oct 22.

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