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Valery Bollier

Holder of a Master 2 in Management at Dauphine University (France) and of an Executive MBA from HEC School of Management (France). After various experiences in media (newspapers and online from 1994 till 2001), Valery built from scratch the marketing strategy (from 2001 to 2003) of a new watchmaker positioned in the luxury market.

Valery then became the marketing/communication director and a shareholder of ZEturf (18% market share of the online horse betting market in France), an independent consultant to various industry players, and a BtoB media owner.

After ten years of experience in the digital gaming sector, Valery started working on Oulala in 2012, to build the most innovative Fantasy Football game in Europe. He is the CEO of Oulala and will be one of the panel speakers at the Gamification conference at SiGMA15. OulalaGames launched in August 2013 the first European Fantasy Football game called Oulala.

Based in Malta, Oulala has developed one of the most innovative football management game, available online (www.oulala.com) and on mobile. A team of nineteen at Oulala has spent the last two years building the core of the game with the use of Big Data, which is currently revolutionizing sports, and specifically the Fantasy Sports industry. Oulala is therefore the first and only skill game of the sector.

The monetized version of Oulala (based on a Daily Fantasy Football Business Model) will be launched in August, shortly before SiGMA15. Oulala is currently aimed at B2C customers and will soon be available for B2B clients.

Valery has been living in Malta for over ten years

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