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Videoslots Is Planning To Launch A New 3D Poker Product

New 3D poker game with assets from PKR estate

After, Videoslots.com, the leading operator for online casinos, acquired technology assets from PKR estate earlier this year, the company plans to introduce a 3D poker product.

The 3D poker product will be launched in the upcoming year. The basis of this agreement is the supply of Videoslots for clients of Android, iOS, Mac and PKR’s PC.

First, Videoslot’s players have the ability to access the application in a downloadable version, for which soon after a web version is planned.

As part of the PKR’s 3D poker game players have the ability to create their individualised 3D avatars. Furthermore, the environment of the game was designed in a very realistic manner. These features make the 3D poker game very unique within the poker industry.

Videoslots.com’s CEO, Alexander Stevendahl, stated: “The purchase of PKR’s unique 3D poker clients provides us with the platform to introduce a proven poker product to our customers.

“Videoslots has led the way in shaping the online casino sector in recent years and we will be looking to offer the same innovative experience with our poker product.”

Currently, Videoslots already has a broad product range of more than 2,300 tables games and slots. With the rebrand of the poker offering Videoslots.com will even extent its catalogue.

The 3D poker product, will also complement with “Battle of Slots”. In this game players battle against each other in poker-style lobbies.

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