VR Altering the Future of Online Gaming and Casinos

Advances in virtual reality technology have the ability to transform the way that online casinos operate

Online gaming review website Play-Slots.com reports that for the first time players are close to being able to enjoy immersive and interactive virtual reality casino experiences.

The race to the top of the mobile casino world has dominated most online casino’s agendas over the past decade but at ICE 2018 it was clear a new race was beginning - the race to the top of the VR world.

While virtual reality casino platforms are not yet mainstream, the ones that are out there offer an experience second to no traditional online slot or poker game.

Players can dive into expansive and luxurious casinos while taking part in highly-interactive multiplayer game play.  Analysts predict that bets made through VR gambling will reach nearly $520 billion by 2021, an 800% increase over 2017’s humble beginnings.

Behind every successful online casino, there is a great selection of games and while developers currently produce some iconic casino games, no one is yet to launch anything close to true realism; the first developer to do so could be in for some big rewards in a growing market.

The prediction from experts is that via tremendous advances in VR software and hardware, virtual reality casinos will go beyond mere pseudo-3D interfaces  plunging players right onto the casino floor.

Once players have experienced this once, it is unlikely many will want to return to their traditional casino games - making it vital that developers continue to improve current player favourites.

Later this year online casino players will welcome the first ever VR online slot game, courtesy of leading developer NetEnt.

The company has unveiled a series of innovations at this year’s ICE, including the first fully playable, operator-ready version of Gonzo’s Quest VR.

The new game uses state-of-the-art virtual reality technology to bring the casino classic to life in a new, highly engaging way for players. It can be accessed through a standard web browser without specific integration needed for operators, or any dedicated apps of downloads on behalf of the players.

All players need do is log into the casino using a mobile device or desktop, hit the VR tab and plug in their own VR headset to be taken into the highly immersive world of Gonzo’s Quest VR. The game, which has been created and developed using real-time 3-D is set to go live during the summer.

“As a first-mover in virtual reality (VR), NetEnt has been at the forefront of igaming’s application of the technology since revealing its plans for VR in 2016,” says Per Erikson, who is NetEnt’s CEO.

NetEnt may just be on to something here, by investigating in new ways of developing and distributing games, the developer is embracing VR and looking to make the most of the technology’s potential to be the channel that changes the online casino world for good.

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