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[WATCH]'It's been a whirlwind, any new business there's an awful lot that takes over you on a day to day basis, but the product side has been incredibly interesting' Ashley Sandyford-Skyes

CEO of Crazy Billions Limited Ashley Sandyford-Skyes joins our own Yanni Collins on Startup Spotlight to talk about his "whirlwind" journey from classic slot development to this interesting vertical - and how the nature of lottery is changing worldwide

SiGMA's Yanni Collins got together with Ashley Sandyford-Skyes, the CEO of Crazy Billions Limited, to spotlight the fifth of the SiGMA Pitch Startups which is coming out periodically on SiGMA News. SiGMA Pitch is an event by SiGMA which showcases over a hundred different startups and enables them to take the red seat and present their product to an environment surrounded by top investors and mentors helping them to create a good strong network.

Sandyford-Skyes begins by very quickly briefing his experience in the industry, jokingly saying how the word 'veteran' seems to only make one sound old, whilst also explaining how he started from B2B companies, building slots, casino content and the lot, where he spent around 15 years. 

He then moved on to  saying how about a year ago him and his team started Crazy Billions Limited, which is a B2B lottery game supplier, building content for B2C operators in Malta, the UK and other licensed jurisdictions, enabling them to offer these games to their customers, along with other games like casinos and slots.

Watch Ashley's interview here: 

It's been a whirlwind, any new business there's an awful lot that takes over you on a day to day basis, but the product side has been incredibly interesting.

As he moved on, he said how the company's branching out into producing their own RMG product content, which will also be very beneficial for their operators and will effectively help them produce their own lottery instead having "them sitting on the back of somebody else's. " 

He then concluded by replying to Yanni;s question about the Covid-19 situation he said "I think it's fair to say from a lottery perspective, for a land based side it's been a very though time, but from an online perspective we've seen the upside of it."



The picture above shows Ashley Sandyford-Sykes talking about game design & development from concept to delivery during our #SiGMAdeeptech conference.

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