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[WATCH] "The greatest threat to our planet, is the belief that someone else will save it" Erik Bergman invoking Robert Swan at SiGMA Gaming

Erik Bergman of Great.com gives his insight on how to use PR, social media, podcasts and charity donations for SEO, links and recruitment

Erik Bergman starts his speech with a most interesting introduction, showing a picture of Malta next to that of the Sahara deset and asking the audience what they have in common. Shortly after, he postpones the question and moves on to stating that within 2050 the temperature of Europe will have increased by 3.5 degrees, suggesting that from a climate perspective, every city will move around 3Km South, going on to conclude that Stockholm would have the climate's of today's Vienna, London, that of Barcelona, and well Malta, will have the climate of the Sahara. 

This introductory structure hooked the audience instantly and you could feel this tension of interest in the room, which allowed him to move on to the next part of his opening, saying how what will happen to a country like India for instance, to which he says that according to research it's quite likely that India will become a desert. As the flow of the speech goes on he then asks 'what happens if a country with over one billion people suddenly don't have water, but then has 130 nuclear missiles?'. 

When I realized that climate crises could lead to billions of people without water then it really started to scare me." 

Watch Erik Bergman's SEO talk here: 

He then addresses his own speech saying how this is probably the most depressing introduction to a speech within the whole conference. And he was right. Which is why he then moves on to a more hopeful subject, going round the popular suggestions of slowing down global warming by stopping eating meat, stopping buying unnecessary things and stop flying, and saying that realistically a lot of people are not going to do any of those things. So he proposes that people should focus on another great solution, and that is planting trees. 

Bergman goes on to say that there is 11% of our the earth's land that's being unused, and that the current price of planting a tree is around $0,30, meaning that if we had to plant 1200 billion trees as he suggested, that would cost $360 billion. This, he says, that the gaming industry makes around a $100 billion dollars more each year, which means that if there are any industries that can tackle this, the latter is definitely one of them. The idea is to move money from the gambling industry to stop global warming. Here is where he pitches his company's idea. 

Great.com is a casino affiliate that donates all of their profits to the planet, and he says that the company is striving to take responsibility regarding the future of the world, and as he invokes Robert Swan's popular quote saying how 'the greatest threat to our planet, is the belief that someone else will save it.' Concluding with a call to action, he invites people to send him an email to collaborate together and save the planet. 


If you're interested in this collective effort of saving our planet and helping out, take a look at what SiGMA Foundation has been doing for the past couple of years over here

About SiGMA's revamped website:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of its newly revamped website. The website is currently available in 5 languages, English, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish with plans to add another 5 languages over the coming months - namely French, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi.


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