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[WATCH]"I found out that there is a nice game mechanic that is somewhat abandoned and I was curious why nobody did anything before with it", Eugene Yastrub for SiGMA Pitch

CEO and Founder of Rock Paper Scissors Eugene Yastrub joins our own Yanni Collins on Startup Spotlight to explain how he came up with the brilliant idea of Rock-Paper-Scissors, the world's first "casual" e-sports and entertainment platform

SiGMA's Yanni Collins got together with Eugene Yastrub, CEO and founder of Rock-Paper-Scissors, to spotlight the third of the SiGMA Pitch Startups which will be coming out periodically on SiGMA News. SiGMA Pitch is an event by SiGMA which showcases over a hundred different startups and enables them to take the red seat and present their product to an environment surrounded by top investors and mentors helping them to create a good strong network.

Coming in from the blockchain industry, Eugene states his 'newcomer' status in the industry immediately but embraces his entrepreneurial mind explaining his history in several managerial and advisory positions plus some political campaigns as well.

Yastrub mentions how his first visit to SiGMA in 2018 made him question why he doesn't play himself, leading him to ask further questions and enquire what interests him in games, eventually ending up combining elements from his experiences in different sectors to come up with Rock-Paper-Scissors. 

I was curious why nobody did anything before with this. I made this product, concept, and I used my lockdown time and I spent like 6 months to develop the NVP and bring it online." 

He then went on to conclude by passing a message on to influencers and brands saying how this is a fantastic opportunity to easily communicate and interact with their audience, using the games on the platform to have fun, interacting with friends and family, with no need of installation or anything of the sort, all done through a very user-friendly approach.

About SiGMA's revamped website:

SiGMA Group is excited to announce the launch of its newly revamped website. The website is currently available in 5 languages, English, Russian, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Spanish with plans to add another 5 languages over the coming months - namely French, Thai, Korean, Japanese, and Hindi.

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