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[WATCH] Exclusive first interview with Carl Brincat CEO of MGA - Part 1

Carl Brincat, Malta Gaming Authority’s new CEO, sits down with SiGMA Group’s Founder, Eman Pulis, for an exclusive interview since taking on the role

The Malta Gaming Authority's Carl Brincat joins SiGMA Group’s Founder, Eman Pulis for his first interview as CEO as part of the Executive Interview Series at SiGMA TV. Brincat, who was named CEO on 26 January, shares his motivation for applying for CEO, his ambitions, and what we can expect from him on the regulatory forefront. 

What was Brincat's motive for applying for the position of CEO?

At the core of Brincat's mission was the ambition to drive change within the organisation, and make improvements to the industry and country at large. He explains:

There came a point where I said that the best way for me to contribute to the organisation would be to apply for the position of CEO.

Drive change to the current regulatory frameworks vs continuity

Does Brincat want to rock the boat in his new position? On whether he wants to drive change to the current regulatory frameworks or apply continuity, the CEO responded:

I feel that a level of continuity within the organisation is necessary. That does not mean that changes will not be made. Everyone has their style and everyone has a style that they suit to the particular time they are heading the MGA. 

Certain improvements that need to be made, certain tweaks, are already ongoing.

What will Brincat bring to the table?

SiGMA Conference 2019 Malta- Carl Brincat- MGAWhen asked about what he could bring to the table, Carl Brincat (pictured right at the SiGMA conference 2019 Malta) summarised his leadership style stating: 

During Joe's [Joseph Cuschieri] time, the MGA was perhaps more focussed on growth and during Heathcliff's [Heathcliff Farrugia] time, as was required, we started focussing even more on compliance. 

I am going to be a bit of a balance between the two. So, reputation is extremely important for the jurisdiction, for the industry, and for us a regulator. That cannot be prejudiced so that is something that we will continue to build on. At the same time, it's important that we make sure that Malta is a place for sustainable growth in the industry. 

Who is Carl Brincat?

Brincat, an lawyer by profession, joined the MGA legal team in 2014. He was part of the legislative overhaul for the gaming industry in Malta which saw a new regulatory framework being implemented. His previous role at the MGA was that of Chief Legal and Enforcement Officer with his main areas of expertise focusing on gaming regulation, general legal, regulatory affairs and dispute resolution. His responsibility did not stop there as Brincat also took care of legal affairs with other external stakeholders and the Maltese government.

Additionally, Brincat was listed as one of our favourite contenders in taking Heathcliff Farrugia’s role as CEO due to his connections and understanding of the new framework.

Watch the full episode below:


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